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1 Congress

2 Formal Qualifications
House of Reps Age: 25 Citizenship: 7 years Residency: Live in State you Represent Size: 435 members Term Length: 2 years Senate Age: 30 Citizenship: 9 years Residency: Live in state you represent Size: 100 members Term Length: 6 years

3 Leadership of Congress
House: Speaker Senate: President of Senate Senate: President Pro Tempore Both: Majority and Minority Leaders Both: Whips

4 Congressional Pay Average Members $174,000 Leadership
Speaker: $223,500 Majority/Minority Leader:$193,400

5 Congressional Elections
House of Representatives Single member districts Senate Statewide elections 17th Amendment allowed for popular voting for senators

6 Demographics Members under the age of 40 Over the age of 70
20 Over the age of 70 78 Most common age group 187 members

7 Gender Men 443 Women 93

8 Race White 458 African America 42 Hispanic 25

9 Backgrounds Education Most common degrees
95% of all members of congress have college degrees Most common degrees Law MBA 27 Representatives and one senator have no degree beyond high school 269 members served in state or territorial legislatures 38 members have been mayors Seven members were involved in music, film, or sports Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher (Sen. Jim Bunning) National Football League quarterback (Rep. Heath Shuler).

10 Committees HOUSE SENATE


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