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The Nation’s First Governments

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1 The Nation’s First Governments
Mr. Chad Folkersma Civics Sault Area High School

2 The First State Constitutions
Americans faced the task of forming independent governments at both the state and national levels. Constitution: A plan for government

3 From Colonies to States
Legislature To create laws Governor To carry out the laws Judges & Courts To decide what the laws meant and how they applied to each new situation

4 Preserving Rights Most state constitutions were based on the following beliefs: Life Liberty Pursuit of Happiness

5 The Articles of Confederation
Problems Lack of Power Couldn’t collect taxes Couldn’t regulate trade Couldn’t enforce its laws Lack of Central Power No single leader or group directed government policy No national court system Rules Too Rigid Congress couldn’t pass law without approval of 9 states Articles couldn’t be change without 100% agreement

6 Shay’s Rebellion Massachusetts ran out of money and raise taxes on farmers to pay off debt. Farmers armed and attacked the state government. Farmers felt it wasn’t their fault so why should they have to pay off the debt.

7 Assignment Imagine you are on a committee to write a new state constitution. List five freedoms you want attached to your state’s constitution. Explain why it is important to guarantee these each of these rights. Paragraph Format, using complete sentences.

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