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Chief Information Office Technology Services Dr. Scott Muri, CIO An Overview & Discussion with the Privatization Advisory Committee.

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1 Chief Information Office Technology Services Dr. Scott Muri, CIO An Overview & Discussion with the Privatization Advisory Committee

2 Vision, Mission and Purpose Vision CMS provides all students the best education available anywhere, preparing every child to lead a rich and productive life Mission To maximize academic achievement by every student in every school Technology Services The Chief Information Office is responsible for the planning, implementation and support of information technology for schools and administrative offices in the district. We support NC WISE, classroom technology devices and software applications, computer equipment, telephones, Lawson and My Time business systems.

3 Chief Information Officer (FTE) Business Technology Systems Data Operations Information Systems & Support Instructional Technology Student Applications and Web Development Assistant (FTE) FTE – filled 13 FTE – unfilled 1 CTE 0 Contractor 6 PT or Temp 0 FTE – filled 16 FTE – unfilled 1 CTE 0 Contractor 7 PT or Temp 0 FTE – filled 33 CTE 3 Contractor 8 PT or Temp 0 FTE – filled 6 FTE – unfilled 0 CTE 0 Contractor 0 PT or Temp 0 FTE – filled 16 FTE – unfilled 2 CTE 0 Contractor 7 PT or Temp 0 Chief Information Office Hierarchy

4 168 schools throughout Mecklenburg County 141,000 students 18,800 teachers, support staff and administrators 7,931 classrooms 624 computer labs 58,448 desktops and laptops 11 Help Desk Staff 3 Network Engineers 15 Systems Engineers Technology Support for Schools Overview & Scope – Mecklenburg County 546 Total Square Miles CMS District

5 Chief Information Office Business Systems Kay Hall, Director

6 Business Systems Technology Provide service and support to CMS business operations System Maintenance Assist in district business process improvement Provide access to Employee Self-Service for over 18,000 employees Provide Help Desk support and training for related systems

7 Chief Information Office Data Center Operations Susan Manning, Director

8 Data Center Operations Manage the infrastructure which supports the operation of CMS Help Desk Technical Services

9 Chief Information Office Information Systems & Support Cindee Matson, Director

10 Systems Support Cabling Design and Deployment for video, voice & data for all district sites Infrastructure Design and Deployment of network electronics and wireless Telephone Support, Deployment and Management of Digital Phone Systems (VoIP) Quotations Purchasing Quotes for District Hardware such as computers, printers, and Interactive White Boards Video Conferencing/Distance Learning/Closed Circuit E-Rate and Compliance Information Systems & Support (IS&S)

11 Chief Information Office Instructional Technology Jerry Shepardson, Director

12 Technology Integration Resource to Principals and Staff in 168 Schools Technology Training for Instructional Staff to effectively utilize various instructional resources and applications Manage CMS Wiki as an effective communication tool Instructional Software Installations Coordination and Support Instructional Technology (IT)

13 Chief Information Office Student Applications & Web Development Jay Parker, Director

14 Management of the Student Information Applications Administration of the Data Warehouse CMS Web Page Publishing, Coding, and Design Student Application & Web Development


16 Hardware Repair, Support and Installation 1995-Current Southeastern Technology Group 1999-2001 Data Networks 2001-02 Millennium Technologies 2002-06 Pomeroy 2006-Current Fortress Systems International

17 2001-02 Hardware Repair Costs School Year Number of ComputersAnnual CostCost Per Device 2001-0227,020$140,600$5.20 2011-1258,448$122,100$2.09 Current analysis 116% increase $18,500 < original cost 40% < than original cost

18 Infrastructure Repair, Support and Installation Previous and Current Usage AFL Pomeroy DataCom CNIC Universal Professional Teleconcepts

19 Data Center Support Used Southeastern Technology Group

20 Technology Support for Schools Network Engineers (3) System Engineers (15) Senior System Engineers (5) Help Desk Coordinators (11) Assistant Directors (3)

21 Assistant Director (3) System Engineers (15) Manages overall support for technology. Provides on-site and remote technical troubleshooting for workstations, servers, printers, network devices, VoIP phones, Interactive Whiteboards, smart devices, software and other hardware components. Technology Support for Schools – Roles Defined Senior System Engineers (5) Data Center Operations Information Systems & Support Student Applications and Web Development Data Center Operations Information Systems & Support CTE Instructional

22 Help Desk Coordinators (11) Network Engineers (3) Responsible for planning, implementation and support of network connectivity for schools and administrative offices. They ensure data, communications devices and the Internet is highly available. They support over 12,000 network electronics devices. Business Systems Technology NC Wise Technology Services Technology Support for Schools – Roles Defined Continued

23 Contracted Services for Technology Support Technician (1) Data Center Technical Services (4.5) Hardware Repair (6) Install/ Deployment (As needed) Senior Network Engineer (1)

24 Contracted Technology Services Roles- Defined Technician (1) Data Center Technical Services (4.5) Hardware Repair (6) Provides technical service for data, video and voice, including CATV, CCTV, wireless network systems and cabling. Provides network services and network access accounts Network Services and network access accounts (over 200,000) Information & Platform Management Security Operations Technical Architecture Information Security Email administration (22,000 accounts and 190 million messages per month) and email filtering Data Storage (600 Terabytes) Internet Access, including Web Security Filtering Server administration for 300 servers Provide on-site warranty and non-warranty computer,printer and UPS hardware repair services.

25 Senior Network Engineer (1) Computer and printer installation. Testing, deployment and packaging of software. Design and develop network infrastructure. Prepare bids and negotiate with vendors. Project management of network related projects. Contracted Technology Services Roles- Defined Continued Install/ Deployment (As needed)

26 Staffing Overview 37 Dedicated Employees Racially Diverse

27 Currently, Technology Services spends $1.1+ million on Contracted Services ServiceNumber of StaffHourly RateAnnual CostOther Technician1$39$78,000.00 Data Center4.5$93750,000 Hardware Repair6$9.78$122,100.00 Install/DeployAs needed $90 per device plus $30 for each additional piece of software Senior Network Engineer1$85$176,800.00 Total Annual Cost (varies based on install/deploy)$1,126,900.00

28 When Considering Outsourcing Any Tech Services, we have Applied Six Key Criteria 1. Direct Student Contact - the safety of our children is paramount. Similar CMS standard of employee screening should be applied 2. Significant, Sustainable Cost Savings Delivery – that largely outweighs any impact to the schools 3. Stand Alone Services – which can be discreetly carved out with no residual, negative operational impact 4. Areas of CMS Marginal Expertise/Resourcing – where an external vendor can do it better and cheaper with little to no risk 5. Low Risk – relatively easy to ensure service quality & maintain service levels with minimal difficulty to return in-house 6. Minimal RIF Impact to CMS Employees

29 Understanding the Criteria for Consideration To recommend to the BOE -- on Feb 14, 2012 – additional outsourcing opportunities within key areas of CMS that deliver on the following criteria: People – minimize negative impact to CMS employees -- reduction in force/salary/benefits, shifting of work responsibilities Money - return of substantial, ongoing net savings to the CMS Operating Budget when brought to scale Service – maintain or exceed current service levels and service quality to key stakeholders in support of student achievement Risk – minimize scope of risk to CMS – ease of returning service in-house Measurement – ability to reliably project and measure the most critical aspects of the outsourced effort – $ savings, service quality, etc.

30 People Selection would result in reduction in force affecting current CMS employees Selection would affect significant number of current employees, if brought to scale Understanding the Criteria for Consideration Breakdown Time Procedures for support are currently in place and implemented based on defined priority timeline.

31 Money Savings issue example below, no substantial savings when brought to scale and no net savings to the CMS operating budget Understanding the Criteria for Consideration Breakdown

32 Risk Distribution of passwords, network and server risk Background checks are not real-time Safety for our staff and students Learning environment hazard, disruptive to daily instruction due to lack of school/support rapport affecting student achievement Badges and access costly due to high turnover rates Data security risk Understanding the Criteria for Consideration Breakdown

33 Service/Support Procedures for support are well-defined and implemented: Priority 5 -Resolution contingent upon project scope, printer replacement, and renaming of computers Priority 4 -Initial contact made via phone, 80% resolved within 10 business days; classroom printing and computers Priority 3 -Respond within 48 hours, 90% resolved within 5 business days, computer labs and Interactive White Boards Priority 2 -Respond within 24 hours, 90% resolved within 2 business days, server based applications and school administrative personnel Priority 1 -Respond within 1 hour, 95% resolved within 24 hours, server or major systems down or active testing period Understanding the Criteria for Consideration Breakdown

34 Our Employees Enable Us to Do Significantly More at a Significantly Less Cost Computer Installations Team Actual install time Number of Computers Installed Time FrameCost to DistrictSavings Systems Engineers10 minutes23,39918 months$0 in-kind installs and $584,975 for storage, delivery, set-up and removal $2,105,910 Contractor3.5 hours1,31210 months$253,000$0.00

35 Our Employees Enable Us to Do at Less Cost Senior Network Engineer Senior Network EngineerHourly RateAnnual CostSavings Contracted$80 - $95$186,000 $0 Full-Time Employee $100,699 with Benefits $85,201

36 Our Employees Enable Us to Do Significantly More at a Significantly Less Cost Deployment of Software WhatActual install timeContractor CostFTE Cost Deployment of new browser version in SY 2010-11 80 hours$72,000$77,362 annually including benefits Packaging and remote deployment of nine software titles; update plug-ins in SY 2010-11 $63,385$0 Total$135,385$77,362

37 Technician Annual cost of $78,000 for contractor, would require a pay grade of 8/$88,214 salary and benefits plus Costly material required – truck, ladders, testers, hand tools Certifications required – BISCI manufacturers certifications to maintain warranty Can utilize contracting company at peak times for additional support with little or no down time Hardware Support Six full-time employees provided for an annual cost of $122,100.00 or $20,350 per employee, would require a pay grade of 6/$67,917 salary and benefits plus Cost of trucks, storage, tools Certifications required by manufacturer to maintain warranty Potential charges for untimely returns of warranty parts Technical Services These contractors enable us to do significantly more with a significantly lower cost

38 What This Is an informed preliminary assessment of the viability of some initial outsourcing options This IS NOT a recommended list of areas to outsource Color Index likely will not satisfy criteria OR risk of failure to CMS is high could meet criteria but more information needed likely will satisfy criteria ? externally driven by bidding process Understanding the Assessment Tool

39 Engineers AD IS&S -1 Network IS&S -3 Systems IS&S- 15; Senior IS&S;3 Senior DOC-2 Help Desk DOC-8 Lawson -2 NC Wise - 3 Technician IS&S – 1 Installation and Deployment (As Needed) Hardware Repair 6 Data Center Technical Services (4.5) PEOPLE result in CMS employee RIF, salary, benefits; affect significant # employees at scale MONEY result in return of ongoing net savings to CMS Op. Budget SERVICE negative impact on service quality RISK result in significant risk to CMS MEASUREMENT can be measured/evaluated OVERALL ASSESSMENT Technology Services Preliminary Outsourcing Assessment

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