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War for Europe and North Africa October 22, 2007.

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1 War for Europe and North Africa October 22, 2007

2 Bell Ringer Of what we have discussed, what information about WWII has surprised you the most?

3 United States and Britain Churchill and Roosevelt meet in December of 1941, spent 3 weeks planning for the war.

4 Battle of Atlantic Hitler orders submarine attacks on the Atlantic Cut off shipping life line in Atlantic Germans sank 681 Allied ships. Allies created convoys, who were escorted by destroyers and ships with sonar's Allies created more ships 1943 Britain and U.S. took back Atlantic

5 Battle of Stalingrad Hitler wanted to take Stalingrad, because of it’s proximity to the Volga River Hand to hand combat Germans burned down as many buildings as possible Soviets lost 1,100,000 men, more than all American casualties, in this battle alone. Turning point of the War

6 North African Front Stalin urged Britain and the U.S. to open a second front in Africa. Operation Torch: invasion of Axis- controlled North Africa Commanded by Dwight D. Eisenhower Nov. 1942: Landed in Casablanca, then moved North following Rommel Axis surrendered in May of 1943

7 Italian Campaign Churchill brought up the idea of an attack on Italy Captured Sicily in 1943 Forced Mussolini to resign Mussolini was arrested in July of 1943

8 Italian Campaign Bloody Anzio May 1944, lasted 4 months 40 miles outside Rome 25,000 Allied Casualties 30,000 Axis Casualties Did not win Italy until 1945, right before Germany fell.

9 Heroes in Combat Tuskegee Airman: All African American pilot squadron. 99 th Pursuit Buffaloes: 92 nd Squadron: in 6 months of fighting they won: – 7 legion awards, 5 silver stars, 162 bronze stars Nisei: American citizens whose parents had emigrated from Japan. 442 nd became the most decorated in history

10 D-Day Invasion of Normandy Lead by Eisenhower June 6, 1944: Invasion began after midnight German retaliation at Omaha Beach was brutal After 7 days of fighting, Allies held an 80 mile strip of France

11 D-Day Within a month, 1,000,000 troops 567,000 tons of supplies 170,000 vehicles in France General George Patton advanced in August and took Paris back from German hold. By September of 1944: Allies had freed France, Belgium, Luxembourg

12 Battle of the Bulge October 1944: Allies captured the first German town Dec. 16 under dense fog eight German tanks broke through American defenses. Drove 60 miles into Allied Territory Desperate last ditch effort, became Battle of the Bulge Raged for a month, Germans were defeated.

13 Unconditional Surrender April 25, 1945:Soviet Army stormed Berlin. April 29, 1945: Hitler marries Eva Braun – Wrote his last address to the people – Blamed the Jews for the war and his generals for losing it. – Hitler shot himself and gave Eva poison, both bodies were soaked in gasoline and burned. May 8, 1945: V-E Day, the war in Europe Ends.

14 Roosevelt Dies FDR did not live to see V-E day. April 12, 1945: while posing for a potrait, suffered a stroke and died.

15 Homework Chapter 17, Section 2 – Questions: 1, 2, 3

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