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Changing who we assess for…. Did you know? Video.

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1 Changing who we assess for…

2 Did you know? Video

3 What does this mean? Why is this important? Creating opportunities for students to progress monitor their learning while self-prescribing solutions to content that is not mastered

4 Why talk about the same students?

5 Create transparency in expectations and grading Make assessment apart of the process not the end of the process Assessment Binders

6 Assessment Progress Monitoring Mastery Test We must create a common vernacular to provide consistency for students and teachers

7 Divide into pairs and select a chapter(s) Each pair will research and prepare a PowerPoint presentation for their chapter with a take away to implement the following week Allow time to work

8 Part One: Case Study Part Two: Heres How Part Three: Heres Why Part Four: Assessing Your Place on the PLC Journey Part Five: Tips for Moving Forward Part Six: Questions to Guide the work of your Professional Learning Community Part Seven: Dangerous Detours and Seductive Shortcuts

9 PLCs are the Road Less Traveled Many Schools Talk About PLCs, but Few Implement Them Correctly When Done Right, There is a Heightened Sense of Professionalism and Resurgence of Energy and Enthusiasm Generated by Committed People Working Together to Accomplish What Could Not be Done Alone

10 The purpose of our school is to ensure all students learn at high levels. Helping all students to learn requires a collaborative and collective effort. To assess our effectiveness in helping all students learn we must focus on results – evidence of student learning - and use results to inform and improve our professional practice and respond to students who need intervention or enrichment.


12 Next Week Create a Progress Monitoring Document to Use Beginning Feb. 21 st Bring Documents to PLC meeting on Feb. 16 Feb. 16 – Presentations of Chapters 2 & 3

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