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Welcome to EOG Night! 3 rd, 4 th, & 5 th Grade Every afternoon Denise and Michelle run laps. When Denise runs 12 laps, Michelle runs 36 laps. When Denise.

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1 Welcome to EOG Night! 3 rd, 4 th, & 5 th Grade Every afternoon Denise and Michelle run laps. When Denise runs 12 laps, Michelle runs 36 laps. When Denise runs 9 laps, Michelle runs 27 laps. When Denise runs 4 laps, Michelle runs 12 laps. How many laps does Michelle run when Denise runs 8 laps? A 32 B 24 C 16 D 12 Solve this problem on your sticky note

2 Understanding Scores Three types of scores are reported: Developmental Scale Scores Percentiles Achievement Levels

3 Developmental Scale Scores This score allows for the comparison of the students EOG scores by subject from one grade to the next. The developmental scale score is like a ruler that measures growth in reading and mathematics from year to year. Just like height in inches, the students scores in reading and mathematics are expected to increase.

4 Achievement Levels These levels are used to identify student performance. Level I: Students lack sufficient knowledge and skills to be successful at the next grade level. Level II: Students have inconsistent mastery of knowledge and skills and are minimally prepared to be successful at the next grade level. Level III: Students consistently demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills and are well prepared for the next grade level. Level IV: Students consistently perform in a superior manner beyond that required to be proficient at the next grade level.

5 Testing Information Reading Comprehension Math: Calculator Active Math: Calculator Inactive 5 th Grade Only: Science

6 Math EOG Information

7 Math EOG Test Taking Strategies Eliminate incorrect answersEliminate incorrect answers Use problem solving strategiesUse problem solving strategies Underlining / highlighting key words/phrasesUnderlining / highlighting key words/phrases Leave behind evidence of understandingLeave behind evidence of understanding Practice with CalculatorsPractice with Calculators Eliminating extraneous informationEliminating extraneous information Checking your work – is your answer reasonable?Checking your work – is your answer reasonable? Plug in your answer for each problem: it is multiple choice!Plug in your answer for each problem: it is multiple choice! Show work for ALL problemsShow work for ALL problems Use estimation strategies before solving problemsUse estimation strategies before solving problems

8 What You Can Do! Encourage students to take their time on assignments – dont rush! Reinforce strategies taught and used at school Check your childs homework for understanding Ask your child to EXPLAIN their reasoning Integrate real world concepts into their daily activities (time, money, reading data, estimation, cooking, etc)

9 3 rd Grade Question… A freight train is 96 m long. How many centimeters long is the train? A 6.96 cm B 288 cm C 960 cm D 9,600 cm

10 3 rd Grade Question… The top 3 winners of the spelling bee are Amy, Joe, and Rondell. The 3 prizes are a chocolate bar, ice cream coupons, and movie tickets. To be fair, the principal put all three names in one bag and all three prizes in another bag and drew the person and the prize. What is the probability that Rondell won the movie tickets? A: 1/12 B. 1/9 C. 1/6 D. 1/3

11 4th Grade Question… A local fast food restaurant sells 88 kids meals a day. They also serve 126 combo meals and 67 desserts. Which number sentence shows how many kids meals they sell in a 5-day period? A 88 × 126 × 67 × 5 B 88 × 67 × 5 C 88 × 126 D 88 × 5

12 4th Grade Question… Jose wants to buy cupcakes for his class. There are 23 students in his class. There are 6 cupcakes in each box. How many boxes of cupcakes will he need to buy? A. 3 B. 4 C. 6 D. 23

13 5th Grade Question… The Crop Walk is a 10 kilometer walk for raising money to buy food for the hungry. About how many miles would walk if you participated? A 3 miles B 6 miles C 10 miles D 20 miles

14 5th Grade Question… How can the sum of the interior angles of a many-sided polygon be determined? A dividing the polygon into triangles B multiplying the number of sides by 180° C multiplying the triangles by the number of sides D subtracting the number of sides from 180°

15 Reading EOG Information

16 Consider this…… About 140 minutes 8-9 different cold read selections each with 5-8 questions per selection Includes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Advertisements, Recipes, Direction Guides Challenging Vocabulary/Questions Expectations: Critically Analyze & Evaluate Texts

17 What Good Readers Do… Make Connections Ask Questions Visualize Draw Inferences Use text Structure Determine Importance Summarize **Higher level thinking questions…

18 RUNNERS Test Taking Recipe R – Read the title and predict U – Underline key words/clues in questions… N – Notice any numbered paragraphs N – Now read selection and as you read…. E – Enclose key words/clues R – Re-read all questions/all answer choices S – Select the best answer

19 Sample Question… What is this selection mainly about? A how to live in the wild B why an early tribe disappeared C life among an early Indian tribe D the history of early exploring

20 Sample Question… Which detail from the selection best supports the idea that the Costanoans had a steady supply of food? A Shamans were medicine men who treated them with roots and herbs. B They sang songs and told stories of the world around them. C The Costanoans were no longer separated from the outside world. D The women gathered shellfish, seeds, and large quantities of acorns.

21 Sample Question… Why did the author use italics in paragraph 5? A to emphasize the importance of not looking directly into the sun B to help explain what radiation is C to remind the reader to always wear sunglasses D to emphasize to the reader that eclipses are fun

22 Sample Question… Why would you read this selection? A to learn more about what to do in Hawaii and Baja, California B to be entertained by the exciting adventure C for information on how to observe an eclipse D for a comparison between a solar and human eclipse

23 5 th Grade Science Vocabulary is very important Use context clues to draw conclusions Analyze data to answer questions Read graphs to answer questions Use diagrams to make connections

24 Websites NC Sample Items: leitems/main.html Department of Public Instruction:

25 Any Questions….

26 Thank you for your attendance. Your child and the progress he/she makes is very important to us. Together we can make a difference!!! Have a great evening

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