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Honaker Literary Terms1 Literary Terms Jeopardy ACE-FM-O P-S Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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Presentation on theme: "Honaker Literary Terms1 Literary Terms Jeopardy ACE-FM-O P-S Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy."— Presentation transcript:

1 Honaker Literary Terms1 Literary Terms Jeopardy ACE-FM-O P-S Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

2 $100 Question from A A major character who opposes the main character in a story or play. Example: The bad guy that we are against!

3 $100 Answer from A Antagonist

4 $200 Question from A The repetition of first consonants in a group of words. Example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

5 $200 Answer from A Alliteration

6 $300 Question from A A reference to something or someone, often literary. Example: May the force be with you.

7 $300 Answer from A Allusion

8 $400 Question from A The overall feeling of a work, related to tone and mood. Example: In Science class you might be talking about layers of gases in the earths _____________.

9 $400 Answer from A Atmosphere

10 $500 Question from A A story in which the characters represent abstract qualities or ideas. Example: In westerns, the sheriff represents good, and the outlaw represents evil.

11 $500 Answer from A Allegory

12 $100 Question from C The means by which an author describes the appearance and personality of a person in a story or play. Example: The way an author describes the main ___________ is __________.

13 $100 Answer from C Characterization

14 $200 Question from C The point at which the action in a story or play reaches its emotional peak. Example: The most exciting part of the story.

15 $200 Answer from C Climax

16 $300 Question from C To explain how things are alike. Example: In Algebra, you cant _________ apples to oranges or xs to ys.

17 $300 Answer from C Compare

18 $400 Question from C The elements that create a plot. This can be internal or external. Example: This can be a battle or a ________ inside a person or a __________ of man against nature.

19 $400 Answer from C Conflict

20 $500 Question from C To explain how things are different Example: The opposite of compare.

21 $500 Answer from C Contrast

22 $100 Question from E-F The point of view of a piece of writing in which the narrator refers to himself as I. Example: Not the third but the _______.

23 $100 Answer from E-F First Person Point of View

24 $200 Question from E-F A long poem narrating the adventures of a heroic figure. Example: The Odyssey

25 $200 Answer from E-F Epic

26 $300 Question from E-F A story that illustrates a moral, often using animals as the characters. Example: The Tortoise and the Hare

27 $300 Answer from E-F Fable

28 $400 Question from E-F A technique in which an author gives clues about something that will happen later in the story. Example: What usually happens after you hear the music in JAWS!

29 $400 Answer from E-F Foreshadowing

30 $500 Question from E-F Language that does not mean exactly what it says. Example: I am so mad steam is coming out of my ears!!! If it cant happen then it usually is a __________ of speech.

31 $500 Answer from E-F Figurative Language

32 $100 Question from M-O The use of words that sound like what the mean. Example: Ping, Ring, Buzz,

33 $100 Answer from M-O Onomatopoeia

34 $200 Question from M-O A comparison that does NOT use like or as. Example: Hes a rock or I am an island.

35 $200 Answer from M-O Metaphor

36 $300 Question from M-O A long speech by one character in a play or story (that everyone is supposed to hear). Example: Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and David Letterman do this on the Late Shows.

37 $300 Answer from M-O Monologue

38 $400 Question from M-O A legend that embodies the beliefs of people and offers some explanation for natural and social phenomena. Example: The Greek Gods: Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Hercules…

39 $400 Answer from M-O Myth

40 $500 Question from M-O A phrase made up of two seemingly opposite words. Example: Cruel kindness or dumb smarts

41 $500 Answer from M-O Oxymoron

42 $100 Question from P-S Giving an inanimate object human characteristics. Example: The flames reached for the child hovering in the corner.

43 $100 Answer from P-S Personification

44 $200 Question from P-S The main character of a novel, play, or story. Example: The good guy or think about another meaning of for.

45 $200 Answer from P-S Protagonist

46 $300 Question from P-S The action of the story that summarizes the plan of the main story. Example: The basic ideas of a story in the order that they happened.

47 $300 Answer from P-S Plot

48 $400 Question from P-S A comparison that uses like or as. Example: Im as hungry as a wolf. Her eyes are like the stars in the sky.

49 $400 Answer from P-S Simile

50 $500 Question from P-S A question not meant to be answered. Example: Why cant you all just get along?

51 $500 Answer from P-S Rhetorical Question

52 Final Jeopardy A monologue in which a character expresses his or her thoughts to the audience and does not intend the other characters to hear them.

53 Final Jeopardy Answer Soliloquy

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