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Welcome to 6 th grade camp parent night!!! Your 6 th grade team: Miss McKenna & Mr. Ball.

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2 Welcome to 6 th grade camp parent night!!! Your 6 th grade team: Miss McKenna & Mr. Ball

3 History of 6 th grade camp First done by Mt. View in the spring of 1978 Idea spread to other schools in 1985-86 Designed to be hands-on science in the outdoor classroom Used to teach 6 th graders about the abundance of resources in the Pacific Northwest Develop an awareness and appreciation of our resources and understand how they affect our lives

4 What will they learn? Classes they will be taking: –Fire –Shelter –EcoTrail/Wildlife –Teambuilding –Boating –Archery

5 Other things to learn… Social lessons –Cabin unity Cooperation –Keeping a cabin clean –Participating in flag ceremony –Planning a skit –Choosing recreational activities –Table setting and cleanup in the mess hall

6 About Island Lake Located in Poulsbo Address –12500 Camp Court NW Poulsbo, WA 98370 Phone –206-377-1442 Set up with a separate boys and girls camp

7 More about Island Lake Each cabin will have approximately 8-10 6 th graders and 1 counselor Counselors are chosen from a pool of responsible students at the Puyallup School District high schools

8 Permission/Medical Forms Pink or blue card needs to be filled out and back to school no later than FRIDAY, APRIL 14 (4 permission slips in 1) Important to: –Be honest with all questions –Sign in all required areas

9 Permission/Medical Forms –All medication must be accompanied by a doctors signature MUST be in the original container issued (no baggies will be allowed) This includes ALL medication including aspirin or allergy medication Camp nurse on call 24 hrs. a day for medical emergencies –If you dont have medical insurance simply write No insurance –Student must have parent permission to ride the water slide while at camp –All forms are kept confidential between parent, student and teacher

10 $$Money$$ $170 camp fee pays for room, board and transportation All money will need to be to the students teacher by WEDNESDAY, April 19 th If you are in need of the amount that your student still owes, let a teacher know…

11 What exactly is camp? Pre-Camp –Combine both classes to instruct lessons to know –Hands-on practice with camp activities –Build survival kits –Begin camp log book –Go over camp rules and camper contract with all students Post-camp –Discuss camp as a class –Finish log book –Assess what was learned –Have memories to last the rest of their lives…and pictures to put in the 6 th grade slide show

12 What exactly is camp? During camp –Students will attend all classes previously mentioned once while at camp –Have free periods to attend recreational activities of their choice –Eat 3 meals a day and 1 snack before bed (great food!) –Attend flag ceremony every morning and evening –Attend campfire every night and partake in skits developed by their cabin –Have the opportunity to earn beads and awards –MOST IMPORTANTLY… HAVE FUN!!!!!

13 What to take… Sleep related items Appropriate clothing and shoes Toiletries (including towel and washcloths) Pens & camp binder Flashlight Camera (disposable with name and school written on it) 3 $1bills for camp store Checks made out to Island Lake for $15 (t-shirt) $25 (sweatshirt)

14 Luggage Everything students take should be clearly marked with their name, school, and teacher using duct tape Students should have: –Some sort of suitcase or duffel bag (with identifying tap on outside) –A sleeping bag and a pillow (preferably put into a large garbage bag) with identifying tape on the outside

15 Luggage Include the What to Take list for students to use when coming home All luggage will go in the luggage truck at 8:00 the morning we leave -Luggage night will be Tuesday, May 2 nd -Between 6:30-7:30 luggage may be brought into the library and left for the morning. -If not brought that night, luggage must be here by 7:30 am on May 3 rd

16 Luggage Students may take a backpack on the bus to carry anything they need NO ELECTRONICS allowed at camp, even on the bus We also ask that students not bring food…they are well taken care of at camp –parents may send food in mailed package, but need to be sure that there is enough for the entire cabin

17 Camp Rules Students will all be given a copy of the camp rules to be discussed in class prior to leaving for camp All students will be required to sign the camper contract to acknowledge that they understand the rules and consequences

18 Camp Rules Important notice to parents: students will understand that their first offense of breaking any camp rules will result in their parents being called to come and pick them up –They are also well aware that this can happen any time of day and that in the middle of the night its a long drive home over the Narrows bridge

19 So when do we go? We leave Mt. View at approximately 9:15 am on Wednesday, May 3 rd –Students will come to school however they normally come…no special accommodations necessary –All students will ride the bus to camp together

20 So when do we come back? We return to Mt. View at between 1:30 and 2 pm on Friday, May 5 th –All students will need a ride home from their parents –If it necessary for students to carpool home a note needs to come to school prior to departure on the 3 rd

21 One last thing…MAIL!! Mail is a must!!!! –Students get to receive mail in a special ceremony every night at dinner –Can send letters, packages, etc. 2 ways to do it –Either bring in the mail on luggage night and we can take it with us to camp –Send it about a week ahead of time with the name of the student, school and week # written on the outside (were week number 5)

22 Questions??? Last minute concerns? Parent comments? Teacher comments? Thank you for coming

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