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Welcome to the 2012 Kindergarten Orientation Night! Kindergarten school hours are as follows: 9:02 am – 3:50 pm.

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1 Welcome to the 2012 Kindergarten Orientation Night! Kindergarten school hours are as follows: 9:02 am – 3:50 pm

2 Tentative All Day Kindergarten Schedule: *this schedule may change as the year progresses Arrival/Dismissal – 30 minutes Literacy Block – 45 minutes Writing – 30 minutes Math – 30 minutes Science/Social Studies – 30 minutes Math/Literacy Centers – 30 minutes Purposeful/Dramatic Play (social skill development & oral language) – 30 minutes Calendar – 15-30 minutes Snack/Read-a-loud – 15 minutes Rest/quiet choice time – 15 minutes Recess (may be split between 2-15 min.) – 30 minutes Specials – 1 hour Lunch – ½ hour

3 Backpacks Check and clean out backpacks daily Child should be able to zip and unzip their own backpack. Must be big enough to fit a binder!

4 Snacks Please send in 2 nutritious dry snacks each day with your child. No drinks, please! Children should be able to open their own snacks. Your child should be able to know the difference between their snacks and lunch. Helpful Hint: Label the snacks AM and PM Lunch Lunch is half an hour (eating and recess) Hot lunch will not be offered to kindergarten students for the first month of school. No microwavable food. Please have your child practice opening and closing containers.

5 Birthdays Please notify your childs teacher of their special day. Summer birthdays may be celebrated on their ½ birthdays or at the end of the school year. Birthdays are celebrated with a birthday crown, a special gift from Mr. Zotos & Mrs. Werenka, and song. No cupcakes or homemade items are acceptable, due to allergies.Treats are optional. If sending treats, please make it pre-packaged. No cupcakes or homemade items are acceptable, due to allergies. Please do not have your child pass out birthday invitations in the classroom.

6 Specials Your child will attend an hour special everyday Monday-Thursday: Art, Music, Gym, Science Friday- rotation day Library and computer lab will also be attended once a week

7 Notes Take home BEE Binders will be provided Notes that go home and come back to school should be put into these binders Parents & children check these binders daily

8 Homework Weekly letter/sound activities Practice identifying and writing upper and lower case letters Letter sounds High-frequency words Guided Reading books Writing Activities Math Activities

9 Newsletter Weekly Newsletter: Outlines upcoming skills and events for the following week, sent home with students at the end of the week School Newsletter will be available online via our school website or sent via the Mail-Out system to those registeredSchool Newsletter

10 Supplies Supply list is provided in your packet Project money-$20.00 (cash or check made out to Sequoyah) *Please place in envelope labeled with your childs name. Scholastic News-$6.00 Holiday Party Fund-$6.00 Holiday Project Supplies End of the year portfolios *Please bring supplies to our Meet the Teacher on Wed., August 29 th !

11 Arrival and Dismissal Teachers will meet students in the MPR each morning. Safeties will bring bus riders to the gym. Teachers will walk their class to the room each morning. At 3:35pm, Latchkey will come to the classroom to pick up any children attending the after-school childcare program At 3:40pm, teachers will escort all children to the M.P.R.. The walkers/parent-pickups will be dismissed at this point. Safeties will escort the bus riders to their buses. * Any dismissal change MUST be in writing *Please phone the office if there is a last minute change in your childs dismissal! *DO NOT PHONE THE CLASSROOM!

12 Positive Behavior Support: Thunderbird Three Thunderbird Three: Safety, Respect, & Responsibility.Thunderbird Three Students earn Thunderbird Tickets for soaring to great heights with positive behavior. The class visits the Thunderbird Store once a month to redeem tickets for prizes. Behavior violations are handled with a parent communication note.

13 Field Trips/Special Days Fire Station Polar Express Day 50th & 100th Day Farm Field Day Kindergarten Completion Spirit Days Holiday Parties * Due to the full day schedule, more options for field trips will be explored to support our curriculum!

14 Assessment Parent-Teacher Conferences - Fall and Spring Report Cards & Progress Reports approximately every 6-7 weeks District Assessment - Spring Your child will be evaluated in their: Social Development Work Habits Motor Development Reading and Writing Development Mathematical Development

15 Kindergarten Curriculum Modeled after the Common Core Standards

16 School Improvement Goals Reading: All students will improve their ability to read and comprehend text across the curriculum. Writing: All students will improve their writing skills across the curriculum. Math: All students will improve their math skills across the curriculum.

17 Reading Readiness Recognize upper and lower case letters Sounds of each letter 40 high-frequency words Concepts of print (left to right, one-to-one correspondence) Rhyming All activities lead up to Guided Reading where reading strategies will be taught. Reading Paraprofessional support is provided B.L.A.S.T. (Beginning Literacy and Student Tutoring) 5 th Grade Buddies DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)

18 Language Development Children will learn to express themselves through: Songs Stories Poetry Finger plays Purposeful Play/Games Show and tell Class discussions Math/Literacy Centers

19 Writing Handwriting without Tears handwriting method Upper and lowercase letter formation Students are expected to write their first and last name using upper and lowercase letters. ( ) Being a Writer program At the end of Kindergarten students are expected to write at least 4 complete sentences using sight words and as many sounds as they can hear in their words. *See stages of writing

20 Handwriting without Tears website Educators Online Tools A+ worksheet maker Get started Register – create an account Go to First Grade Sequence graphic organizer Type childs first and last name print

21 Math Readiness Our new Common Core Standards focus on the deeper understanding of numbers, rather than rote/memorized information. Recognize, write and understand numerals 0-20 Count to 100 by 1s and 10s Count forward beginning from a given number Recognize geometric shapes (2-D & 3-D) Classify and sort Graph: More, less, and equal Developing number sense Estimation Patterns (AB and ABC) Understanding basic addition and subtraction up to 10 Fluently add and subtract to 5 Problem solving Place value and Ten Frames IXL Math

22 Social Studies/Science Hands-on opportunities Self-concept (All About Me) Community helpers Holidays Weather & Seasons Force & Motion Organization of Living Things Solid Earth Five senses

23 Technology Access to classroom computers Computer lab SmartBoards Websites/Programs: lexia

24 Summer Checklist Your child should be able to: Recognize and write his/her first name. (Handwriting Without Tears) Recognize basic colors and shapes. Recognize all uppercase letters. Use scissors and hold a pencil correctly. Count to 10. Recognize numbers 0-10. Take care of his/her own bathroom needs and dressing themselves (zipping, tying, buttoning). Your child will be tested within the first three weeks of school on letter recognition and sounds and will be placed into ability groups according to those results.

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