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International Business Opportunities Why is international business important? Our commitment to international business education Career opportunities –

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1 International Business Opportunities Why is international business important? Our commitment to international business education Career opportunities – jobs and internships Education and study abroad – to differentiate yourself in the job market

2 When I look back 15 or 20 years ago it was rare for a businessperson to do business internationally. Today it is rare that one doesnt. The world is a small pond; it is important that students have an understanding of different cultures, and that they realize that they are not just dealing with issues in Dayton. Rick Stover, Partner in Charge PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

3 Todays business world: No longer limited by national boundaries. Changes in communication, transportation, and information technology have propelled businesses into a new environment with blurred borders and new interdependencies. Business professionals need a broader education grounded in a more diverse global perspective to thrive or even survive in this environment.

4 Why International Business Matters…in Ohio One in 10 Ohio jobs are related to international trade – 850,000 jobs Ohio ranks second in the nation with more than 1 in 5 manufacturing jobs tied to exports Ohio ranks 6 th in the nation for exporting – 7 th in population Ohio outpaces the nations growth in exports – 7.4% for Ohio; 4.4% for U.S.

5 Why International Business Matters…in the Global Economy 3/4 of US direct investment abroad is in developed countries For every $1 in overseas investment, an additional $2 in exports to that market tend to be generated 78 percent of global gross domestic product and 95 percent of humanity lives outside U.S. borders Industrialized nations – Europe, Japan, US have low growth economies Local companies that have survived the economic down turn are doing business internationally

6 The Raj Soin College of Business: Committed to preparing its students to be business professionals and leaders in the global economy. A leader in developing international linkages for students, faculty, and business firms in the Miami Valley.

7 Career Opportunities Possible Positions Private Sector Import/Export Documentation Specialist International Business Consultant International Sales and Marketing International Trade Specialist International Customs Brokerage Operations International Operations International Information Systems, Distribution, and Logistics International Human Resources International Finance and Accounting International Risk Management Public Sector Diplomat Foreign and Commercial Service - Federal level US Dept of Commerce US Dept of State International Trade Advisor- State level

8 Firms/Organizations That Recruit IB Students Corporations AT&T Boeing Chevron Chiquita Brands International, Inc. Coca-Cola Company EDS Eli Lilly & Co. General Electric General Motors Hewlett-Packard Mead Corporation NCR PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Procter & Gamble Banks Bank of Boston Chemical Bank Citicorp International Organizations The Inter-American Development Bank The International Monetary Fund The United Nations The World Bank Group Wright Patterson Air Force Base

9 The Raj Soin College of Business: Gain experience right here in the Miami Valley or abroad Help businesses expand their export opportunities

10 Local Companies That Recruit IB Students ATI/SSI Angell Manufacturing Columbia Rubber FH Bonn* Global Gauge Corporation* Hartzell Propeller* Kurz-Kasch, Inc.* *Examples of recent internships Elliott Tool* Freedom Feeds* Shore-to-Shore French Oil Mill Machinery* Auto-Valve, Inc. Systran Vocalink*

11 Non-Profit Opportunities International Trade Assistance Center, one of only four Ohio Department of Development centers Ohio Department of Development U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center Dayton and Cincinnati Offices TARGET – To Aim and Realize Global Expansion Together: Monthly Business International Roundtable

12 Rachelle Sedenek and Ambassador Frank L. Lavin, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Asian Aerospace Trade Mission – Rachelle assisted 12 U.S. businesses and helped organize the worlds largest aerospace tradeshow in the world

13 Interns also assist local businesses Freedom Feeds, Urban – John Heywood Organically grown fish food Export investigation to Norway, worlds largest aqua-culture market Ban on genetically modified soybeans Found Norwegian University to test products Evaluated option for importing soybeans (NGM) from Brazil FH Bonn, Springfield – Lynda Babjack Market evaluation for industrial laundry supplies Opportunity with Dubai – large tourism industry Is it the best market?

14 Countries where students can study include: Australia Sweden* Chile* Italy ChinaJapan Costa RicaFrance* Germany*Spain*…and more * Primary emphasis on business 190 E Student Union – Univ Center for International Education broad/index.html

15 Major and Minor Options For College of Business Students International Business Major International Trade Minor For All Other Students International Business Minor

16 A Major in International Business Students gain applied experience in: - Language - Culture - International Business The required international trade internship gives students a jump-start on their careers.

17 IB Major - Features Business: Attain an understanding of all functional areas of business – accountancy, economics, finance, management, marketing, and trade principles – with special emphasis on the international aspects of these areas. Culture: Select a concentration area for the liberal arts classes from a predetermined list. Enrich your knowledge of a specific geographic region. Foreign Language: Acquire a business level competency. Corresponds to the students culture concentration. Internship: Must complete an international internship using the skills acquired in the degree program. Domestically or abroad. Junior or senior year.

18 Business Major Requirements General Education – 57 hours Business Core Courses -31 hours Dont need to be admitted to the RSCOB Business Core Courses – 31 hours Need to be admitted to the RSCOB

19 IB Major Requirements International Business-24 hours Intl Accounting Comparative Economic Systems Intl Financial Management Intl Management Intl Marketing Intl Trade Management Intl Trade Internship Cultural Electives – 12 hours Language: 201, 202, 203 + Business Language 325

20 International Trade Minor for Business Majors 24 hours IB 486 International Trade Management Complete 4 courses International Accounting International Finance Global Supply Chain Management International Marketing Electives – 4 hours International Economics Capitalist Institutions Economic Development in Transition

21 Unique IB 486 Course The International Trade Management Course further develops graduates who can distinguish themselves in the job market. Offers the right mix of theoretical and practical skills in export management.

22 Admission Requirements College of Business Majors 45 credit hours earned (including the following) Completion of: ENG 101 and 102 with C or better. MTH 128 or 129 (or higher-level math class), with C or better. 2.5 minimum cumulative (GPA).

23 International Business Minor for Non-Business Majors 28 hours International Politics Introduction to International Business Management and Organizational Behavior International Management Principles of Marketing International Marketing 4 hours – Chose one of the following (Requires 200 level proficiency): Business French Business German Business Spanish

24 For advising appointments stop by 110 Rike or call 775-2437 International Business Club – Open to all Students on Campus

25 Over the past year of traveling in Asia, Europe, and South America I have seen firsthand how important not only language is, but also business customs, in working with our offices in these countries. The new International Business major at Wright State University will be of great importance in giving students these valuable skills. Lewis Martin Business Operations Manager, Americas NCR Corporation

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