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By Jack Bundy. The Capitol Building was made for the Congress to meet and Presidential inaugurations.

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1 By Jack Bundy

2 The Capitol Building was made for the Congress to meet and Presidential inaugurations.

3 Has been ongoing for over 200 years

4 Pierre Charles LEnfant A pedestal waiting for a monument

5 Designed all of Washington D.C. Plans for Capitol were in his head Plans were to make very long roads Tore down a private home without permission Fired Refused to take money Died in poverty 1825

6 Contest to find a design for building $500 Free city lot Winner Dr. William Thorntons simple design

7 George Washington laid the first stone in 1793

8 It was very hard labor for workers The ground was very muddy and soft Sandstone had to be ferried in on boats from Virginia Workers had to stay out in the wilderness for months at a time Congress moved in long before it was finished

9 1803 Ben Latrobe first professional architect to work in America Worked on Capitol until 1827 Finished both wings and was working on the dome until the war started

10 War 1812 British set Capitol on fire Also burnt the White house down Unexpected rainstorm put the flames out George Washington portrait survived Capitol was damaged

11 Model 1818

12 Latrobe continued work on Capitol this time using limestone and marble Sandstone was deteriorating by 1827 $2.5 million Still not finished The first dome was finished in 1824 After 30 years of building nobody liked it

13 Improvements kept coming 1832 running water 1840s gas lighting 1860s steam heat 1874 first elevator installed 1880s electric lighting

14 First photograph of Capitol 1846

15 Congress got bigger with the growing number of states Another contest $500 prize 5 architects won 1851 Expansion begins Exterior rebuilt with marble

16 Larger building means larger dome Metal ribs are built around old dome New exterior is built around the metal

17 The new dome was built of cast iron Taller Heavier Stronger Made of iron

18 Construction slowed down during Civil War Used as hospital Gave shelter to 3,000 Union soldiers Money was scarce

19 Government felt construction should not stop We needed to send a message to the world that we were still a strong country

20 1863 Statue of Freedom is put on top of dome and it is finished 19 feet 6 inches tall Solid bronze Almost 15,000 lbs. Left hand holds wreath and shield with 13 stripes Right hand holds a sword

21 Helmet has stars & stripes and eagle Symbolizes Native American costumes Tip of her crown is made of platinum to protect her from lightning When she was put on top the nearby forts gave a gun salute

22 By 1868 The rest of the Capitol was for the most part finished

23 Maintenance & Upkeep has kept an architect on staff constantly 1898 gas explosion Had to make it fireproof 1950s air conditioning Upgrades on technology & security are ongoing

24 Last renovation was finished in 1996

25 Interior today is a meeting place for Congress and an art & history museum 540 rooms President has his own room Some of the most important moments in U.S. history took place here

26 The first floor of the Capitol is the Crypt. It displays sculptures and exhibits

27 Hall of Columns is 100 feet long and holds 28 marble columns

28 Minton Tile Floors

29 Old Supreme Court Chamber

30 National Statuary Hall has statues of important people from all 50 states

31 Brumidi Corridors are some of the most beautifully decorated parts of the capitol. He spent 25 years painting them.

32 Most impressive part of the Capitol

33 Brumidis The Apotheosis of Washington is painted on the ceiling

34 Lower walls have paintings that show famous moments in U.S. history frieze paintings


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