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Welcome to Germany By Dajan and Gary.

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1 Welcome to Germany By Dajan and Gary

2 A Country rich in experiences
Welcome to Germany A Country rich in experiences

3 Map of Germany

4 Facts of Germany Religions: Protestant 45% Roman Catholic 37%
Population: 81,337,541 Religions: Protestant 45% Roman Catholic 37% other 18% Literacy: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 99%

5 Labor force: 36.75 million employed
industry 41%, agriculture 6%, other 53% National holiday: German Unity Day, 3 October

6 President: Dr Johannes Rau
Ethnic Groups: 95.1 percent German, 2.3 percent Turkish, 1.7 percent Italian, 0.4 percent Greek, and 0.4 percent Polish

7 Wars: started both World War I and World War II.
Tsunami Aid: Germany donated 25 Million dollars

8 Germany's History

9 World War II In 1934 Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany.Because of the death of former president Hindenburg Hitler took his place and declared himself as the “fuhrer” or dictator of Germany. World War I had put Germany into a horrible economic state.  

10 World War II People were looking for a strong leader that would rebuild Germany. Some people thought this leader was Adolf Hitler. Hitler blamed the economic problems of Germany on the Jewish People.

11 World War II Hitler did not like Those who were not pure German. He did not like Jews, homosexuals, mentally and physically challenged people, Black people, Gypsies, Polish people, Russians and some eastern Europeans.

12 World War II He was able to take over all of Europe. Germany, Italy and Japan were the axis powers. It seemed as though Hitler would win but he was soon defeated by the allies. Hitler committed suicide a few weeks later. Soon the Nazis lost power.

13 Places to See The former stronghold of the Grand Masters and German Masters of the Teutonic Knights lies directly on the Romantic Route in the centre of the lush Tauber Valley. This pleasant town is full of interesting sights with a rich and fascinating

14 heritage dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

15 National Parks National Parks comprise vast natural areas of a special kind which, in most cases, have remained completely untouched or have been only slightly influenced by man.


17 Berlin The capital of Germany is a city of cultural superlatives three opera houses, two concert halls and eight symphony orchestras await you - more than in any other city in the world. Over 150 theaters and stages offer boulevard theater, classic opera, world literature classics and off-scene.


19 Castles of Germany






25 Palces to Stay Germany offers a wide range of different accommodation types. From First Class Hotels to more than 600 youth hostels and many self-catering possibilities and a variety of campsites. Germany can provide an accommodation for every budget.You don’t even have to miss Bed & Breakfast.


27 Park Hotel Bremen

28 Bar Pool Restaurant Fitness Center Park Hotel Bremen
It is a Luxurious 4 star Hotel. It has a: Bar Pool Restaurant Fitness Center


30 Concluding Statement If You don’t believe us then you can come see for yourself. Go to Germany if you can this summer. Trust us it’s worth it.

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