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Unit 3 Geography Maps and Directions Power Point.

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1 Unit 3 Geography Maps and Directions Power Point

2 Today we will learn… What is a map and how do we use them? What is a Compass Rose and how is it used? What does to scale mean? What does a cartographer do?

3 A map is… an adventure a book a story…

4 A map is also… a drawing or other representation, usually on a flat surface, of all or part of the earth's surface, ordinarily showing countries, bodies of water, cities, mountains, etc.

5 Why are maps and knowing directions important? Why are maps useful ?

6 When do we use maps? Lets talk about it.




10 Do you think they had a map of where they were going?






16 There are many different types of maps. The maps that follow tell us about …

17 The Universe and the Milky Way Galaxy.

18 Our Solar System.

19 Planet Earth

20 Our 7 continents.

21 The continent of North America is where we live.

22 We live in the United States.

23 Our state is Idaho.

24 Idaho Counties School District 91s Schools are in Bonneville County. It is shaped like a water gun. In the United States a county is a local level of government below the state.


26 Can you find our county?

27 We live in Bonneville County in the town of Idaho Falls.

28 Facts about Counties Idaho has 44 counties. Counties are used in 48 of the 50 states, while Louisiana is divided into parishes and Alaska into boroughs. Counties are usually governed by an elected board of supervisors, county commission, county council, or in some counties, there is a county mayor or a county executive. There is an average of 100,000 people in each county.

29 A map of our town of Idaho Falls.


31 Our school.

32 Idaho Falls School District 91s High Schools. Skyline Idaho Falls

33 Who makes maps ? A cartographer does.

34 Do people study maps as part of their job?

35 Yes, the job is called cartography. Cartography, or map-making, is the study and, often, practice of crafting representations of the Earth.

36 Studying maps can be fun !

37 How do you learn to read a map?

38 First get a map; next look for the compass rose; then read the key which tells you the scale of the map.

39 A Compass Rose is used for telling directions on a map; North, South, East and West.

40 To remember my directions I like the saying…

41 Never, Eat, Soggy, Waffles

42 Never = North Eat = East Soggy = South Waffles = West

43 There are many designs of a compass rose.

44 The world's largest compass rose is drawn on the desert floor at Edwards Air Force Base in the United States.

45 These items are called a compass. They can also be used to tell directions.

46 How is this compass rose and the compass alike and different?

47 Tell me what direction goes where. East South West North

48 What is scale ? There are many types of scales, but for maps it is something a little different.

49 What is scale ? Many, but not all, maps are drawn to a scale expressed as a ratio such as 1:100 meaning that 1 of any unit of measurement on the map corresponds to 100 of that same unit in reality. = 1 = 100, shown on a math key 1:100, shown on a map key

50 Or 1 inch = 200 miles 1:200

51 Why do cartographers use scales ? Lets talk about it. 1 inch = 50 miles 1:50

52 You have been working hard. Lets have a break. Ha, Ha!

53 Now, lets check what we have learned today before we work on our own papers.

54 Lets make a match. Tell me which word goes with what meaning. 1. a drawing or other representation, usually on a flat surface, it tells a story. 4. One who makes a map. 2. It is used for telling directions. cartographer mapCompass Rose 3. A ratio comparing that 1 of any unit of measurement on the map corresponds to 100 of that same unit in reality. (for example) scale

55 Great job learning today. You are amazing! Now, you can practice what you have learned with your vocabulary matching cards, compass page and the geography booklet.

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