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1 Jeopardy

2 Notable Names Ruins & artifacts Technology Location Culture Misc. 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

3 The present day country, containing the ruins from Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

4 What is Mexico? $100

5 The modern day country in South America, high in the Andes Mountains, that was home to the Incan empire.

6 What is Peru? $200

7 The city that currently resides in the same location as the Aztec’s former capital city.

8 What is Mexico City? $300

9 The country, located in Europe, that was the birth place for some of the most influential explorers and conquistadors including the conqueror of the Aztec’s.

10 What is Spain? $400

11 Of all the empires we have studied, this one is the largest and owned the most land.

12 What is the Incan Empire?

13 One of the most important parts of the Aztec culture, this religious practice was central to keeping their gods alive.

14 What is human sacrifice?

15 This animal is frequently seen in ancient Latin American art, sculpture and mythology. It symbolizes power, beauty and strength.

16 What is the jaguar? $200

17 Parents in the Mayan culture arrange these between their daughters and sons

18 What are marriages? $300

19 This animal is used today for its warm coat
This animal is used today for its warm coat. It was also used by the Incas for its wool to make warm clothing.

20 What are llamas? $400

21 This group is closely related to the ancient Egyptians
This group is closely related to the ancient Egyptians. They built pyramids, wrote in hieroglyphics and lived fairly isolated lives.

22 Who were the Mayans? $500

23 An illiterate, greedy European, he was the conqueror of the Aztecs
An illiterate, greedy European, he was the conqueror of the Aztecs. He actually didn’t like his own name, although he could not write it. He preferred the shorter version of his name Hernan

24 Who was Hernando Cortes?

25 The name of the city built on a lake, the capital of the Aztecs

26 What is Tenochtitlan? $200

27 The man who came from Europe and who, after a civil war, became the conqueror of the Incas.

28 Who was Francisco Pizarro?

29 Tikal, Machu Picchu, and Tenochtitlan

30 What are the ancient capital cities?

31 Aztec men became heroes by having victory in battle or by winning at tlachtli, an Aztec game involving stone hoops, the sun’s shadow and a ball made out of this material.

32 What is rubber? $500

33 The ruins of this civilization includes the city of Chichen Itza.

34 What is the Aztec civilization?

35 The conquistadors used this weapon to give them advantage over the native populations. It was effective because of the loud sound and long range.

36 What is a gun? $200

37 The ancient ruins of the Mayans include this large structure that was used as a temple. It is also another name for a geometric solid.

38 What is a pyramid? $300

39 The conquistadors refused to adapt to the land and environment
The conquistadors refused to adapt to the land and environment. They wore their heavy armor, breast plates, and this plumed article.

40 What is a helmet? $400

41 These symbols were used by the Mayans to show the value of one and five.

42 What are dots and dashes?

43 This group terraced their fields so they could farm in the sloping highlands of the mountains.

44 Who were the Incas? $100

45 The Aztec capital city was built on a lake by running these objects down through to the lake floor.

46 What are poles? $200

47 The ancient Aztecs developed one, in the shape of a circle
The ancient Aztecs developed one, in the shape of a circle. It was surprisingly accurate at measuring passing time and the seasons.

48 What is a calendar? $300

49 This culture’s writings were destroyed because they were believed by the conquistadors to be promoting evil practices.

50 What was the Mayan culture?

51 The ancient civilizations did not have strong metals, so to make weapons, tools, and ceremonial knives they used bronze, stone or this material.

52 What is bone? $500

53 The entire look at a people, their beliefs, religion, government, language, economics, and customs

54 What is culture? $100

55 Men from Europe who sought power and wealth by gaining dominance over another people.

56 What are conquistadors?

57 All three religions had a god representing this object or worshipped it directly.

58 What is the sun? $300

59 The Aztec religion required their children to attend

60 What is school? $400

61 Traditional instruments, such as the flute and drum, a large part of a culture is found in this

62 What is music? $500

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