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Factors that Affect Climate

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1 Factors that Affect Climate
Note Page Created by Nancy Robbins, Sunnyside

2 Altitude The height of land above sea level
Temperature drops as you go higher Elevation At higher elevations, air is thinner so it holds less heat

3 Latitude The distance north or south of the Equator, lines known as a “parallel” Amount of direct sunlight an area receives affects temperature Sun shines directly on equator so it is warmer, less direct sunlight at the poles so it is colder. Earth is tilted on its axis, so northern and southern hemispheres receive more direct sunlight in summer season, less in winter season.

4 Topography Surface features
Humid air from the ocean rises and cools – forms clouds and precipitation Mountain sides facing away from oceans are typically very dry and air is warm * Rain Shadow-land down wind from mountains

5 Oceans & Lakes Keeps weather from becoming to extreme – moderate
Water temperatures change slower than land temperatures Winds from oceans/lakes affect land temperature – cool ocean current = cool winds; warm ocean currents = warm winds

6 Earth’s Winds Push warm and cold air masses
Six belts – push moisture clouds, air pollution moisture Doldrums – ‘trade winds’ meet near equator, warm moist air, forms lots of clouds

7 Climate Changes

8 La Nina Pacific Ocean – cold water rises Cold surface water moves west
Warmer water is pushed west causing more storms

9 El Nino Pacific Ocean – cold water goes lower – surface water is warmer than usual Trade winds calm – western Pacific is dry Warm, moist air causes flooding in other parts of Pacific

10 Volcanoes Particles thrown in air can spread many miles
Particles can block sunlight and lower temperatures

11 Sun Activity Sun spots and flares can raise temperatures on earth

12 Carbon Dioxide From burning fossil fuels
Causes global temperatures to rise CO2 blocks heat from leaving Earth’s atmosphere

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