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Reading ISAT Sample Test Questions Miss Thompsons BEST 5th grade classroom!

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1 Reading ISAT Sample Test Questions Miss Thompsons BEST 5th grade classroom!

2 Fill in the blank. When we went to Cheyenne, we drove __________ a tunnel. »A. through »B. threw »C. though »D. thorough

3 Answer A. Through

4 Read the sentence and decide which pair of synonyms could be used in place of the underlined word. The little girl wore an enormous hat. A. huge-large B. Minute-small C. Wonderful-great D. Beautiful-lovely

5 Answer A. Huge-Large

6 Which group of words means t he same as the word lost? A. missing, misplaced, hidden, vanished B. Missing, misplaced, returned, without C. Found, forfeited, misplaced, weak D. Leave, disabled, sickly, hidden

7 Answer A. missing, misplaced, hidden, vanished

8 What does the word battered mean in the following passage? A. Attacked B. Bread dough C. Baseball equipment D. lathered Passage Answer

9 Read the passage. Then he jumped. The head was lying a little clear of the water jar, under the curve of it; and as his teeth met, Rikki braced his back against the bulge of the red earthenware to hold down the head. This gave him just one seconds purchase, and he made the most of it. Then he was battered to and fro as a rat is shaken by a dog--to and fro on the floor, up and down, and round in great circles, but his eyes were red and he held on as the body cartwhipped over the floor, upsetting the tin dipper and the soap dish and the flesh brush, and banged against the tin side of the bath. Question Answer

10 A. Attacked

11 Read the sentence and choose the best synonym for the underlined word. In the gloom of the rainy dawn, Kayla scanned the horizon searching for the long-promised arrival of the horse-drawn carriage. A. Searched B. Looked C. Glanced D. Noticed

12 Answer A. Searched

13 Given the word base, which of the following would be an appropriate compound word? A. Baseball B. Baseless C. Abase D. Bases

14 Answer A. Baseball

15 Read the definition of each root. chron-time phobia-fear phile-love Given the definitions of these roots, which would mean enjoying being afraid? A.Phobophilia B.Acrophobia C.Chronophilia D.Chronophobia

16 Answer A. Phobophilia

17 Read the definitions of the prefixes. anti-against con-with pre-before Given these prefixes, which word would mean unfriendly or not wanting to be around others? A.Context B.Predict C.Antidote D.Antisocial

18 Answer D. Antisocial

19 RootSuffix struct--to build ion--noun ist--one who ed--past tense s--many Given these definitions, which word means a new building? A.Constructs B.Constructed C.Destruct D.Construction

20 Answer D. Construction

21 What word rhymes with bear? A.Tier B.Dear C.There D.Bean

22 Answer C. There

23 Which word ends with the same sound as tough? A.Though B.Cuff C.Fought D.Truth

24 Answer B. Cuff

25 Read the passage. Then Miss Hopley did a formidable thing. She stood up. Had she been standing when we entered, she would have seemed tall. But rising from her chair, she soared. And what she carried up and up with her was a buxom superstructure, firm shoulders, a straight sharp nose, full cheeks slightly molded by a curved line along the nostrils,,thin lips that moved like steel springs, and a high forehead topped by hair gathered in a bun. Miss Hopley was not a giant in body, but when she mobilized it to a standing position she seemed a match for giants. I decided I liked her. Which sentence is the best example of the opposite of this description of Miss Hopley? A.Miss Hopley rose from her chair, soaring over others. B.Miss Hopley lay motionless on the floor. C.Miss Hopley had a pointy nose and full cheeks. D.Miss Hopley was a match for giants when she moved.

26 Answer: B. Miss Hopley lay motionless on the floor.

27 Complete the Sentence. The farmer went into the fields to ______ his seeds. A.Sow B.Sew C.So D.Sough

28 Answer A. Sow

29 An ad for hand cream claims the cream moisturizes and evens skin tone. What does tone mean? A.Quality of color B.Musical sound C.Elegant style D.Interval on a musical scale

30 Answer: A. Quality of color

31 Which is a multi-syllable compound word? A.Motionless B.Motoring C.Multi-purpose D.Motorcycle

32 Answer: D. Motorcycle

33 From what root word is electioneer made? A.Electric B.Elective C.Elect D.Election

34 Answer: C. Elect

35 With the addition of a prefix, which word now means the opposite of do? A.Redo B.Undo C.Doer D.Doing

36 Answer: B. Undo

37 What suffix added to the word breath changes its meaning? A.s C.less

38 Answer: C. less

39 It was a cold and chilling night, and the cattle were restless. As the sun dropped behind the mountain range, the animals all started to come alive with anticipation. This was a night of the hunter and the hunted. The wolves were on the prowl for a meal, and the cattle knew they were being watched. Choose the word that is an antonym for restless. A.Excited B.Anxious C.Tired D.Moving

40 Answer: C. Tired

41 It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror. She raised her veil as she spoke, and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state of agitation, her face all drawn and gray, with restless, frightened eyes, like those of some hunted animal. Her features and figure were those of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature gray, and her expression was weary and haggard. Sherlock Holmes ran her over with one of his quick, all- comprehensive glances. In this paragraph, what does the word agitated mean? A.Upset B.Mixed up C.Confused D.Tired

42 Answer A. Upset

43 Suddenly he wished that he hadnt left his bed, that hed stayed away from the Hatching Ground. Now everyone would see his ignominious failure. So he scrambled as desperately to reach the shadowy walls of the Hatching Ground as he had struggled to cross the bowl. He mustnt be seen. Which word in this story means the same as shameful? A.Desperately B.Ignominious C.Struggled D.Shadowy

44 Answer: B. Ignominious

45 Stunned for only a moment, the youth invented a tale that only giants, the most gullible creatures on the earth, would believe. Unfortunately it is a quirk of supernature, a paradox of the cruelest kind, that whatever giants believe becomes their truth. What was your last job? asked the boy, knowing full well that giants never do manual work and havent the intellect or dexterity required for other types of employment. From the context of this passage, which pair of words are opposites? A.gullible, supernature B.giants, paradox C.cruelest, kind D.invented, truth

46 Answer: D. invented, truth

47 Read the passage and answer the question. The sun was shining in the g bright, blue sky. It was beautiful weather for this time of year. Beads of sweat formed on Roberts face as he pedaled up the street. I cant wait to swim when we get there! he called to Sara, who was riding ahead of him. Yes, It will feel wonderful! What are Robert and Sara going to do? A.Go shopping B.Go swimming C.Go to school D.Ride the bus

48 Answer: B. Go Swimming

49 Which of the following sentences is an opinion? A.Oregon is a larger state than Rhode Island. B.Crater Lake is in Oregon. C.Crater Lake is the prettiest lake in the United States. D.Roxanne is a good reader.

50 Answer: C. Crater Lake is the prettiest lake in the United States.

51 Which is a fact, not an opinion? A.Roxanne kept a daily diary. B.Roxannes handwriting is very sloppy. C.Roxanne is a good friend. D.Roxanne is a good reader.

52 Answer: A. Roxanne kept a daily diary.

53 Read the following passage. Mary seems to enjoy reading in her free time. Mary must be a good reader. She read 35 books in eighth grade. She will probably read more in ninth grade. Which statement is a fact, not an opinion? A.Mary seems to enjoy reading. B.Mary will probably read more in ninth grade. C.Mary read 35 books in eighth grade. D.Mary will probably grow up to be a writer.

54 Answer: C. Mary read 35 books in eighth grade.

55 Which sentence would not be a part of a factual news article? A.Crime in the U.S. has steadily dropped in the last decade. B.Murderers are bad people. C.Violent crimes include murder and robbery. D.There were 15,180 murders in 2001.

56 Answer: B. Murderers are bad people.

57 Read the words listed. Jacket, jackknife, jack, jackhammer, jackal Alphabetize the list of words. A.jackal, jacket, jackhammer, jackknife, jack B.jack, jackal, jacket, jackhammer, jackknife C.jackknife, jackhammer, jacket, jackal, jack D.jackal, jack, jacket, jackhammer, jackknife

58 Answer: B. jack, jackal,jacket, jackhammer, jackknife J-a-c-k J-a-c-k-a-l J-a-c-k-e-t J-a-c-k-h-a-m-m-e-r J-a-c-k-k-n-i-f-e

59 Mr. Green told Amanda, Kelly, and Veronica to place the candy bars in the concession stand in alphabetical order. Only Kelly put them in the right order. Which is the correct order of candy bars? A.Snickers, Twix, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat B.Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix C.Kit Kat, Twix, Baby Ruth, Snickers D.Twix, Snickers, Kit Kat, Baby Ruth

60 Answer: B. Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix

61 Definite is to _________ as uncertain is to guessed. A.Direct B.Misled C.Verified D.Confirm

62 Answer: C. Verified

63 Read the sentences. The engine coughed. The wind sighs. Fortune smiled on her. The photograph leered from the wall. These are examples of: A.Similes B.Metaphors C.Personification D.Symbolism

64 Answer: C. Personification

65 Read the story. Mary left her pencil case in a classroom. The next day it was in the lost and found. All the pencils were gone. What does Mary know for sure about her pencil case? A.Someone stole it and then returned it. B.It was turned in to lost and found. C.It was dropped in the hall. D.Her pencils are all broken.

66 Answer: B. It was turned into lost and found.

67 Read the advertisement. Real men dont cook! Who wants to spend a lazy Sunday slaving over a cookbook? With our BigMan canned meals, its as easy as dumping it into a bowl and turning on the microwave. Keep those BigMan dinners comin, Ma! Who is the most discriminated against in the advertisement? A.Men B.Children C.Woman D.The elderly

68 Answer: C. Women

69 Read the paragraph. Junk food is the worst poison to hit society in the last hundred years. Everyday millions of young people suck down sugary sodas, gulp greasy French fries, and gorge on candy bars and potato chips. Cigarettes may cause lung cancer, but our countrys addiction to junk food will surely be our demise as our children grow into adulthood unhealthy and unhappy. What is the assumption underlying this paragraph? A.Junk food should be eaten only on special occasions. B.Eating junk food is worse than smoking cigarettes. C.Healthy food can cure many diseases. D.Young people eat more junk food than adults.

70 Answer: B. Eating junk food is worse than smoking cigarettes.

71 Read the following paragraph. The most important advance of this century has not been in medicine or technology. Its been in societys willingness to open practically all professions to women. Women can excel in careers now that were not even available to them 50 years ago. Which of the following people would be most likely to agree with this paragraphs opinion? A.Grandparents B.Women astronauts C.Children D.Teenagers

72 Answer: B. Women astronauts

73 Read the following paragraph. Jane and Henry were the best of friends. They grew up on the same street and played together all through grade school. They felt like they knew everything about each other. Now that they were both in high school, they didnt spend as much time together. Jane was running for class president that year, and most everyone was planning to vote for her. Henry felt left out and decided to run against her. When he realized that Jane was still winning, he challenged her to a debate in front of the school. He knew that if he promised free pizza for lunch every Friday, that he might have a chance of winning. Question

74 Why is Henry running for class president? A.He is jealous of Janes popularity at school. B.He wants to finish high school. C.He loves to eat pizza on Fridays. D.He wants to support Jane. PassageAnswer

75 Answer: A. He is jealous of Janes popularity at school.

76 Read the following paragraph. Shelby noticed that her dogs were never excited to see her when she came home. She always went straight to the kitchen to get herself a snack and sat in front of the television until her parents came home. It wasnt her job to feed the dogs or give them snacks, and she didnt really like to pet them or play with them in the afternoons. So, the dogs just lay on the carpet until it was dinnertime. Which statement leads to stereotypical thinking? A.Shelby is tired after school. B.Shelby is hungry when she gets home. C.Dogs are lazy. D.Dogs are good pets.

77 Answer: C. Dogs are lazy.

78 Read the following paragraph. As the teacher started to hand out the science tests, Jake felt a lump in his throat. His hand was shaking as he wrote his name on the top of his test. As he read the first question, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead, and he had no idea what the correct answers were on the entire test. What can you infer? A.Jake is tired from not getting enough sleep. B.Jake did not study for his test. C.Jake is confident about his test. D.Jakes teacher is mean.

79 Answer: B. Jake did not study for his test.

80 Read the following paragraph. The spring air was fresh and clean, and the sun was warming the hillside. Flowers were beginning to bloom, forming a rainbow of colors throughout the meadows. All the animals were coming out from their homes to welcome the new morning, and I knew this was going to be a wonderful day s as I peeked out of my tent. What can you generalize about the authors opinion? A.The author lives in California. B.The author is a man. C.The author is camping. D.The author is tired.

81 Answer: C. The author is camping.

82 Read the following paragraph. George Washington was a great man. He was the first president of the United States. We have been studying presidents in social studies class, and we are currently doing research on Ronald Reagan. He was an actor before he got into politics. Which is a statement of opinion? A.George Washington was a great man. B.He was the first president of the United States. C.They are studying presidents in social studies. D.Ronald Reagan was an actor.

83 Answer: A. George Washington was a great man.

84 Read the passage. And did you really have the three wishes granted? asked Mrs. White. I did, she the sergeant major, and his glass tapped against his strong teeth. And has anybody else wished? inquired the old lady. The first man had his three wishes, yes, was the reply. I dont know what the first two were, but the third was for death. Thats how I got the paw. His tones were so grave that a hush fell upon the group. Which statement best supports the conclusion that the Monkeys Paw will bring heartache? A.The wishes didnt work. B.No one was able to make a wish. C.The third wish was for death. D.The first man had his three wishes.

85 Answer: C. The third wish was for death.

86 When buying a new computer, where could you find the most objective, reliable information about the overall quality of computers? A.A person who sells computers. B.A friend who has a computer. C.A school computer technician. D.A report from a consumer magazine.

87 Answer: D. A report in a consumer magazine.

88 Read the passage. [He approached the Bed and Breakfast.] He stopped walking. He moved a bit closer. Green curtains (some sort of velvety material) were hanging down on either side of the window. The chrysanthemums looked wonderful beside them. He went right up and peered through the glass into the room, and the first thing he saw was a bright fire burning in the hearth. On the carpet in front of the fire, a pretty little dachshund was curled up asleep with its nose tucked into its belly. The room itself, so far as he could see in the half darkness, was filled with pleasant furniture. There was a baby grand piano and a big sofa and several plump armchairs, and in one corner he spotted a large parrot in a cage. Animals were usually a good sign in a place like this… What can be concluded about the Bed and Breakfast? A.It would be a good place to stay. B.There are no rooms left to rent. C.The owner likes to play the piano. D.The owner is a gardener.

89 Answer: A. It would be a good place to stay.

90 Read the passage. True!--Nervous--very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses--not destroyed--not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! And observe how healthily-- how calmly I can tell you the whole story. What inference can you make about the narrator? A.The narrator is unabashedly happy. B.The narrator is quite mad. C.The narrator is a minister. D.The narrator has a strong sense of smell.

91 Answer: B. The narrator is quite mad.

92 Read the paragraph. You dont need to shop around. Furniture Village has the best-priced leather furniture in town. They deliver seven days a week and there are no finance charges. What information is missing from this paragraph that you would need to determine its accuracy? A.the prices from other furniture stores B.the colors and styles of the furniture C.the names of the furniture D.where the store is located

93 Answer: A. the prices from other furniture stores

94 Read the following passage. His mother clipped coupons from magazines and newspapers, kept a vegetable garden in the summer, and shopped at JC Penney and K-Mart. Their family ate a lot of frijoles, which was OK because nothing else tasted so good, though one time Alfonso had Chinese pot stickers and thought they were the next best food in the world. He didnt ask his mother for braces again, even when she was in a better mood. How does Alfonso support his assumption that his mother will not pay for braces? A.He tells how she likes to go shopping. B.He likes pot stickers almost as much as frijoles. C.He explains about her garden. D.He details her efforts to save money.

95 Answer: D. He details her efforts to save money.

96 Read the sentences: A.Peter was 13 when he sailed to America. B.Peter lived in New York City. C.Peter probably liked school. D.Peter became a carpenter. What statement is not conclusive? A.D B.C C.A D.B

97 Answer: B. C

98 Read the passage and answer the question. Leo the lion went to the park one day. He sat on the bench and watched everyone playing on the toys. Then, he ate his lunch that he had brought along. Leo had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Which title tells the main idea of this story? A.Going to the park. B.Leo picnics in the park. C.Lions like peanut butter and jelly. D.Where did Leo go?

99 Answer: B. Loe picnics in the park.

100 Read the magazine article and answer the question. The Importance of Reading Students in many of the local schools have discovered a new program to help them become better readers. This program is called Accelerated Reader, and it has shown to improve the reading scores of students in all grades. Recent studies have shown that many students are not reading at grade level, and teachers were looking for a way to help them catch up and improve. Accelerated Reader helps students by encouraging one thing-- practice, practice, practice! By reading more and practicing their skills, students are able to become better readers. What is the main idea of this magazine article? A.Students need to improve their reading ability by practicing reading. B.Students can learn to read in high school if they have the right books. C.Reading is a popular pastime for many people D.Reading is usually taught in first grade.

101 Answer: A. Students need to improve their reading ability by practicing reading.

102 It was a cold and chilling night, and the cattle were restless. As the sun dropped behind the mountain range, the animals all started to come alive with anticipation. This was a night of the hunter and the hunted. The wolves were on the prowl for a meal, and the cattle knew they were being watched. Chose the word that is an antonym for restless. A.Excited B.Anxious C.Tired D.moving

103 Answer: C. Tired

104 Read the passage. How do you like the new library? asked Mr. Cox, our principal. We were just coming back to school from summer vacation, and Mr. Cox was very excited as he greeted us at the entrance. We put brand new shelves and carpet in this summer, and we even added a fabulous reading nook for you! I think you are going to love it as much as Mrs. Wolf, our librarian, does! What is the intent in this passage? describe the library describe the librarian describe the school describe the principal

105 Answer: A. to describe the library

106 Read the passage. Scientists are still not able to predict earthquakes, but they are continuing to discover various indicators of possible earthquakes. Scientists using a Richter Scales, which gives a numerical indication of the severity of the earthquake, typically measure earthquakes. This passage is likely from a: A.Journal B.Novel C.Play D.Essay

107 Answer: D. Essay

108 Read the passage. When I was growing up on the farm, we rose every morning with the sun to start our day. The first thing that I always did was start the cows to milking, and then I started cleaning the stalls. All of the animals had to be fed before we ever thought about breakfast, and boy oh boy did we have a lot of animals! There were cows, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, mules, rabbits, sheep, dogs, cats, and even a pet rat! It was a tough childhood, but thats all I knew, so I never complained. Chores were just part of life, and I lived a very full lift up until I was 18. What is the purpose of the passage? describe how to milk the cows show how hard life is in the city describe what life is like on the farm show that he hated doing chores

109 Answer: C. to describe what life is like on a farm

110 Read the story and answer the question. It was my second grade school year. I was playing on the merry- go-round at the first recess. My friend, Seth, challenged me to stand and lean over a bar while he pushed me as fast as he could for 5 minutes. At first, it was fun! I was having the ride of my life! Then, I suddenly felt dizzy. My stomach was moving up and down, churning wildly. I knew I was going to be sick. I had to live up to the challenge, I hung on for dear life. Suddenly, I let out a cry, Stop! Im sick! Seth stopped the merry- go-round. I thought I was going to die. Seth helped me into the bathroom. When I emerged, I vowed never to participate in a merry-go- round challenge again. What type of writing is this? A.Autobiographical B.A legend C. A tall tale D. Poetry

111 Answer: A. Autobiographical

112 Read the non-fiction passage. One difference between insects and all other animals is the number of legs they have. Only insects have six legs in the entire animal kingdom. Adult insects have four wings and two antennae on their heads. If this is true, you can conclude that: A.Spiders have wings; therefore, they are insects. B.All animals are insects. C.Insects are only found in North America. D.A grasshopper is an insect.

113 Answer: D. A grasshopper is an insect.

114 Read the passage. It was starting to get dark when Sally realized she was late for dinner. She quickly said good-bye to her friend, Patty, who was helping her stay for their big chemistry test tomorrow. Sally lived about 10 blocks from Patty, and she knew she had better hurry home, or her parents would start to worry. After walking for about three blocks, Sally noticed that a strange man seemed to be starting walking a little faster too. He wasnt anyone she recognized, and they seemed to be the only two people on the street for miles. There were several stores still open on this block, there was a dark field of trees and bushes, where no one would be able to see her until she came to the block with her house. She was really starting to get scared. What should Sally do to stay safe? A.Go into the nearest house or store and ask for help from an adult. B.Stop walking and approach the strange man. C.Just keep walking and hope for the best. D.Go into the trees and hide.

115 Answer: A. Go into the nearest house or store and ask for help from an adult.

116 Read the passage and answer the question. Just as the clock struck midnight, Greg was awakened by a sound coming from outside his window. He jumped out of bed to inquire about he sound. As he approached the window, he saw Robot R2D4 landing his spacecraft. The bright green lights from the spacecrafts antigravity boosters caused Greg to cry out in excitement. What does the author portray in this paragraph? A.a science fiction setting B.A historical fiction setting C.A tall tale setting D.A mystery setting

117 Answer: A. A science fiction setting

118 Read the passage. Where the Red Fern Grows is a book of adventure, compassion and maturity. The main character, Billy is a young boy who must grow up fast as he learns to care for and train two hunting hounds. Billy is faced with many adverse situations, where he must overcome the obstacles of life and endure the consequences of nature. This wonderful book provides both laughs and tears as you are taken on the adventure of a lifetime. What type of writing is this? A. essay B.Newspaper article C.Book review D.Non-fiction

119 Answer: C. Book review

120 Read the passage. Joshua had been locked away in the dark quarters of the castle door, he observed bands of delicate pink and orange glowing in the sky. Looking directly above, he observed dark, gloomy, heavy clouds. Suddenly, the wind picked up and thunder roared in the distance. Within seconds, rain began to poor. In just an hour, Joshua would be standing in front of the judge for his trial. In his mind, a thought materialized, what was to become of his future? What was the author telling the reader about Joshuas future? A.Life in the future would be grand. B.He would be rich and famous. C.He would have a chance to run away D.Life in the future would be filled with doom and anguish.

121 Answer: D. Life in the future would be filled with doom and anguish.

122 Read the passage. Jenny had a secret that she only told two other people. They both promised never to tell anyone. She had confided in her mother and her best friend, Alice. After school, she saw Alice talking to another girl and they were both looking at Jenny and laughing. Well, it looks like the cats out of the bag. Jenny thought to herself. What does the underlined figure of speech mean in this passage? A.Hope B.Despair C.Sadness D.death

123 Answer: B. Alice told Jennys secret.

124 Read the passage. As Marc wrestled for the state championship, his grandfather called out, Pin him boy! Youre as strong as an ox! What can you guess about Marcs grandfather? A. He lacked confidence in Marcs ability to win because Marc was weak. B.He had confidence in Marcs ability to win because Marc was strong. C.He thought Marc was an ox. D.He thought Marc was wrestling an ox.

125 Answer: B. He had confidence in Marcs ability to win because Marc was strong.

126 Read the passage. Although Frank had been stranded in the icy arctic for a week now, and there was little hope of his survival unless someone in the search party could find him; he kept rubbing the lucky penny in his picket with his frostbitten fingers. What does the penny symbolize for Frank? A.Hope B.Despair C.Sadness D.Death

127 Answer: A. Hope

128 Read the passage. Peter ran into the house after school to get ready for his soccer game. This was the big championship, and he had been anticipating it for weeks. He knew he needed to be there on time, or the coach would really be upset, and the game was about an hours drive away. He wanted to leave early. Peter was starting to feel anxious as he noticed the time on the hallway clock. He only had on and half hours to get there. He dashed into the kitchen to see if his mother was ready to take him. I have a million things to do before we can leave! she told Peter. How does his mothers comment make Peter feel? A.Relaxed B.Hopeful C.Hopeless D.empathetic

129 Answer: C. Hopeless

130 Read the passage. Big, tall John, as he was known in the west, was the kindest, gentlest man to ever set foot in the town of Shuckleford. He was 16 feet tall and had feet as big as tires. He was strong as an ox, but gentle as a dove. One day, when he was walking down the street, he noticed a group of men looking up into the sky. Whats the problem? asked John. A twister coming in our direction! They all shouted, and everyone ran for cover. John knew that the twister was big enough to destroy the beautiful town of Shuckleford, so he had to make a plan fast! He jumped right into the heart of the twister and wrestled it to the ground. Then, he tied it up with a nearby railroad track and kicked it off into space. From that day on, the folks of Shuckleford called him Jumping John and a twister never dared to visit the town of Shuckleford again. Question

131 What type of writing is this? A.Poetry B.Non-fiction C.Folk tale D.essay Passage Answer

132 Answer: C. Folk tale

133 Read the passage and answer the question. Tyler was up early. He had to help his dad with an important job. They were going to pain Grandpa Petersons fence. After breakfast, Tyler and his father gathered up all the necessary supplies. They carried brushes, drop cloths and buckets of paint to their truck. Then, off they drove to Grandpa Petersons house. Driving as close to the fence as possible,t hey hopped out and removed the supplies from the back of the truck. Tyler helped his father spread the drop cloths over the bushes that decorated the bottom of the fence. Then they opened the cans of paint and began working. They worked for several hours. Finally, the job was done. The dull gray wood was now a shiny, clean white. Swiftly, they walked to Grandpa Petersons door to ring the bell. When Grandpa emerged, he was surprised at the site for the masterpiece. Question

134 What does the author mean by the use of the word masterpiece? A.When someone paints a fence, it is always called a masterpiece. B.Painted words of art are sometimes called masterpieces, when someone considers the piece a great model. C.Masterpieces are usually artistic paintings found on fences. D.The author used the word masterpiece incorrectly, because masterpieces are only found in art museums. PassageAnswer

135 Answer: B. Painted works of art are sometimes called masterpieces, when someone considers the piece a great model.

136 Read the poem and answer the question. I wish for a rainbow to color the sky, My friends would notice as it catches my eye. The colors would be vivid and bright for all to see, Id walk through the village with it following me. Tall tress may stretch to amazing heights, But keep my rainbow in perfect sight. My rainbow would bring all who can see a moment of pleasure, Which everyone would be lucky to have such a treasure. My rainbow, you see, is a wonderful treat, My wish, my hope is for something special to meet. Question

137 The lines of this poem are an example of: A.Personification B.Simile C.Rhyme D.metaphor Answer Poem

138 Answer: C. rhyme

139 Read the passage. It was Johns birthday. He had his friends over to celebrate. They were playing games, eating pizza and drinking grape juice. The doorbell rang, and in walked Ryan. As Ryan walked through the door, Buddy, Johns dog, slipped in. Buddy, happy to be part of the party, started racing around the room, wagging his tail and jumping up on everyone. Just as Buddy jumped up on John, a cup of grape juice flew out of his hand. John ran to get a towel to wipe up the grape juice. He was worried the juice would leave a stain. Which detail helps to build suspense? A.It was Johns birthday. B.John ran to get a towel to wipe up the stain. C.As Ryan walked though the door, Buddy, Johns dog slipped in. D.They were playing game, eating pizza and drinking grape juice.

140 Answer: C. As Ryan walked through the door, Buddy, Johns dog slipped in.

141 Read the passage. As I walked along the hiking tail, I felt so happy and peaceful. It was a beautiful day, and I loved to enjoy nature. The sky was a crystal clean blue that seemed to go on forever. As I walked up the hill, I noticed the magnificent Aspen trees lining the trail. They were tall with paper white bark that peeled back in spots like thin tissue paper. They rose up into the sky like skyscrapers and swayed back and forth in the gentle breeze. As they danced side to side in the air, they seemed to make a gentle sound, like a musical lullaby. It was a wonderful day for a hike. How does the author try to help you picture the trees? A.Describes how they look and sound. B.Compares them to other trees C.Explains what nature is really like on the trail. D.Describes how tall and wide they are.

142 Answer: A. Describe how they look and sound

143 Read the passage. Tommy and his family had just moved into a new house. They green paint was fresh and the carpet was all brand new. After school, Tommy came straight home to finish unpacking the boxes in his room and put away all of his clothes. He was so excited to finally have his own room, after having to share a room with his younger brother for four years. The only real problem was that every time he went into the bathroom, he would hit his head on the doorway trim. He was definitely going to have to learn to duck when he went in there from now on. What can you infer from this passage? A.Tommy does not like the house. B.Tommy is very tall compared to the house. C.The boxes are very full. D.There are other people in the house.

144 Answer: B. Tommy is very tall compared to the house.



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