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Pressure Pressure = Force / Area. Barometer

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1 Pressure Pressure = Force / Area

2 Barometer

3 ]

4 Manometer U-tube Manometer Courtesy Christy Johannesson

5 Manometer

6 Barometer

7 Manometer U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad 1995 National Test An open-ended mercury manometer is used to measure the pressure exerted by a trapped gas as shown in the figure. Atmospheric pressure is 749 mmHg. What is the pressure of the trapped gas? Higanyos manométer :

8 Pressure Conversions 1 atmosphere (atm) 760 mm of Mercury (mm Hg) 760 torr Pascal (Pa) Kilopascal (kPa) 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi) inches of Mercury (in Hg)

9 Manometer

10 © UNEP 2006 Manometers What does it do - Principles Monitoring Equipment Source: Dwyer Instruments, ab c hh

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