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Clara Barton By Paige Z..

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1 Clara Barton By Paige Z.

2 Clara Barton Clara Barton Born 1821 died 1921.
Founder of American red cross. Helping men in Civil war time. Her life time was in Civil war time. She helped hundreds of men who were hurt.

3 Clara Barton Founder of American Red Cross. Help men in the Civil war.
She will never give up. Work as a clerk in a school land.

4 Clara Barton She was born in Mass. Men were unfair to her.
She was always caring for other men. She never gave up. She was the founder of the American Red Cross.

5 Clara Barton Men were unfair to her cause she worked.
She was always showing up with food and water. She was always very kind to others.

6 Clara Barton She always did whatever she could.
Was always working as much as she could. The Red cross helped hundreds of people. She helped her brother for 2 years when he was ill.

7 Clara Barton The Red Cross helped the world as today.
She traveled a lot in her life time. Once she did something she could not do.

8 I got my information from a encyclopedia.
I also got it from internet.

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