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Tocobaga Indians By Tyler and Erin.

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1 Tocobaga Indians By Tyler and Erin


3 History about where they lived…
The Tocobaga Indians of Tampa Bay in Florida lived in villages that were really small and they were near the northern part of Tampa Bay. From the 900’s to the 1500’s that was what they would call home. Every village in Tampa was situated into a public location where they had a meeting.


5 What their villages were made of…
The Tocobaga Indian’s villages were made of big logs and palm branches made mounds for the dead. The women helped with the shellfish and the piles grew after the years.



8 What they ate… The Tocobaga Indians ate fish, manatees, which were animals that lived underwater. They also ate corn, berries, nuts, and fruit. No one knows how they got corn but they were probably traded from other Indians. In that time, the Tampa Bay area was very rich with animals. They got their food by using spears, atel, atel clubs and their gardens! So they had to kill animals just to get food, which would have been hard to do!

9 The end of them Back in about 1528, Painfilo De Narvaez, a Spanish explorer, arrived in Tampa Bay and spread disease within the next 100 years. And that’s how they got extinct!

10 Internet Source…

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