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Topics: Brahe & Kepler Ellipses Kepler’s Laws

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1 Topics: Brahe & Kepler Ellipses Kepler’s Laws
The “NOSE” Have It! Topics: Brahe & Kepler Ellipses Kepler’s Laws

2 Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) Danish Nobility. Astronomer
Had a nice mustache?

3 King Tycho? He built a castle with a HUGE observatory on the island.

4 Brahe’s Mission Brahe wanted to verify the Copernican model.
He was in search of PARALLAX! He was able to collect tons of data without a telescope!

5 In the process…. He made observations of a supernova (nova = new star) in 1572. He made careful observations of a comet in 1577 and showed that it was further away than the moon. How did these observations and findings rock the Aristotelian theories?

6 Brahe’s Blunder? Ultimately, Brahe couldn’t find any stellar parallax. As a result, he concluded (correctly) that one of the following must be true: The Earth was motionless at the center of the Universe. The stars were so far away that their parallax was too small to measure.

7 Brahe’s Universe Universe
Chose to revert to a Geocentric model! Earth at the center….planets revolve around the sun!

8 Kepler (1571-1630) Mathematician Astrologist Astronomer
Big on Copernican model!

9 Kepler’s Universe… Included the FIVE PLATONIC SOLIDS!
Included SIX SPHERES…one for each of the six known planets! Sun at center!

10 Kepler’s Laws

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