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1-1 Properties of Real Numbers Algebra 2 Miss Santell.

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2 1-1 Properties of Real Numbers Algebra 2 Miss Santell

3 Lesson Preview Check the skills you need! Simplify:

4 Subsets of Real Numbers Natural Numbers: #s used for counting Whole Numbers: natural #s and 0 Integers: whole #s and their opposites Rational Numbers: #s that can be written as a fraction (ratio); terminating and repeating decimals Irrational Numbers: #s that cannot be written as fractions; decimals that neither terminate or repeat; radicals that are not perfect

5 Rational Numbers Examples: 1/2, 0.3, 1, 2 2/3, -5/4, Real Numbers anything on the number line Examples: Irrational Numbers Examples: Integers …,-2, -1, 0, 1, 2, … Whole Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, … Natural Numbers 1, 2, 3, …

6 Which set of numbers best describes the values for each variable? a.The cost C in dollars of admission for n people C is rational ($7.25) n is a whole number (cant have ½ person or negative) b.The height h in meters of a roller coaster h is rational (80.5 feet) c.The parks profit (or loss) P in dollars for each week w of the year w is one of the first 52 natural numbers P is a rational number

7 More properties of real numbers The opposite or additive inverse of any number a is –a. a) -3.2 b) 3/5 The reciprocal or multiplicative inverse of any nonzero number a is 1/a. (The product of reciprocals is 1) a) -3.2 b) 3/ /5 1/-3.2 = / 3/5 = 5/3

8 The absolute value of a real number is its distance from zero on the number line. All answers are positive because you cant have a negative distance units 2 units Simplify 1.5

9 Lets Practice To which set(s) of numbers does each number belong? Which set of numbers best describes the value of each variable? 4.The number of times n a cricket chirps; the outdoor temperature T in tenths of a degree Find the opposite and the reciprocal of each number Simplify each expression Natural, whole, integers, rational, real Irrational, realRational, real Whole numbers; rational numbers

10 Contacts/Credits Teacher Clip art, animation, and sound inserted from Microsoft organizers Diagrams and Examples created by Miss Santell through the use of Prentice Halls Algebra 2 Textbook, 2004

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