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Welcome to 3rd Grade! I’m Ms. Kestenis

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1 Welcome to 3rd Grade! I’m Ms. Kestenis
Parent Information Night

2 Hello from Ms. Kestenis Teaching for 5 years: High School Reading/FCAT, First Grade, and Third Grade K-6 Certification Reading Endorsement K-12 English Certification Have a son Lived in Florida 30 years; originally from NY Love to Watch Hockey at the Forum Like to read

3 Daily Schedule 7:45-8:40 MATH 8:40-9:10 P.E. & BATHROOM
9:15-10:45 READING (vocabulary, shared reading, phonics, comprehension, and small group) 10:45-11:25 SCIENCE(M,TH,F) ART(Tues.) MUSIC(Wed.) 11:39-12:09 LUNCH & BATHROOM 12:15-1:00 WRITING 1:00-1: MATH (CALENDAR) 1:15-1: INDEPENDENT READING/SMALL GROUP Gifted on Tuesday

4 MATH FCAT practice pages in text and workbook Unit Reviews
Textbooks & Practice Internet Links (Destination) Everyday Counts (calendar math) Chapter tests (every week or two) Mad Math Minute

5 SCIENCE Third Grade Common Assessments Textbooks FCAT Workbook
Student Practice Workbook Projects Hands-on Investigations

6 READING Comprehension (FCAT Tested) Vocabulary & Spelling Strategies
Topic, main idea, author’s purpose Narrative Elements: (plot, setting, sequence) Cause / Effect Compare / Contrast Reference / Research Vocabulary & Spelling Strategies DOL/Grammar

7 READING-Reading Counts
Lexiles established from last year and again in September. (Recorded in Data Folders) Reading Counts Quiz: at least one per grading period/will take the highest test score for grade Entire classroom library lexiled One book from school library must be on lexile level To find book from home go to the Pinellas county web page and go to library (Destiny)

8 WRITING Quick Writes (Assessment) Narrative (telling a story)
Expository (how-to) Poetry Proofreading/Spelling Encourage Publishing

9 PROJECTS Social Studies Science Writing Reading
Projects: One Month to complete Student Work with Parent Guidance (brainstorm, arrange, type)

10 HOMEWORK GUIDELINES Should take approximately 40 minutes
Due the following day Read 20 minutes a night (7 days a week) to be recorded in reading log w/parent signature Can double up on reading, but must complete entire log Due on Monday Must read everyday to receive credit Mon:Reading, Tues:Math, Wed:Writing, Thurs: various depending on need, Fri.-Sunday:Read 20 minutes.

11 HOMEWORK GUIDELINES The student’s responsibility:
Copy assignments in agenda at beginning of day EXACTLY as written. To complete class & home assignments. Incomplete work in class will be taken home and completed at home. Children will be instructed to write down what they need to complete. To obtain parent signature for reading log and graded work folder. To turn in homework by 7:50 a.m.

Blue: Everyone starts the day on blue  “I’m having a good day.” Green: (after two warnings to modify behavior) “I made a few mistakes, but I changed my behavior.” Yellow (after two more additional warnings) Five minutes taken off Fun Friday for everyday on yellow in week. Red  (Having a really bad day!) One red=15 minutes off Fun Friday. Two reds= No Fun Friday.

13 CLASSROOM REWARDS Compliment Jar Fun Friday
Popcorn social Game social Sno Cone social Fun Friday Games Art Computers Positive Phone Calls…Notes in Agenda

End of Grading Periods October 31, February 13, June 2 Report Cards: 3 times yearly November 14, February 27, June 2 Will receive a Progress Report every grading period

15 Common Assessments Math Common Assessment: 3 times
September, January, & April Reading Common Assessment: 3 times Narrative/Expository Writing: 3 times FCAT Reading/Math March 10-20

16 PORTFOLIOS Must pass 5 portfolio items
Reading assessments only (All three) SRI (500-given 3 tries to obtain) Other assessments

17 Grading Scale A B C D F 0-59

Fieldtrip Drivers and Chaperones Mentoring & Tutoring Students Classroom Projects Cutting, Pasting, Organizing, etc. Party Planning (only 3) Proper paperwork needs to be completed in the office in order to volunteer and drive. Please let me know what fits your schedule. I put all my energy into teaching your children, seldom taking the time to call volunteers for help. However, I DO want and need any help you can offer!!!

19 PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT Signing parent Title I agreement
Supporting philosophy & policies Helping children arrive on time Communicating via phone, internet, or planner Reviewing all homework/signing Reading Log Signing agenda daily Signing and returning graded work folder Supporting dress code

20 WAYS TO CONTACT ME: **This is the best way. I check in the morning and at 2pm. Any sent after that may not be read until the following day. School phone: All calls will be returned within 48 hours. Agenda Books or Notes

21 CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE Class website Azalea Home page
Click on Teacher Website Ms. Kestenis (3rd Grade) Homework is listed (Two weeks stay up) Monthly Spelling words Science Experiments Destination Math/Reading

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