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Bay Point Middle School Science & Engineering Fair Parents Meeting September 18, 2008 6:00 PM.

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1 Bay Point Middle School Science & Engineering Fair Parents Meeting September 18, 2008 6:00 PM

2 Dates: BPMS SCIENCE FAIR –Paperwork Due Nov. 13, 2008 –Fair Set-Up Dec. 5, 2008; After C Lunch to 7:00pm in BPMS Cafeteria –BPMS SRC IF NECESSARY 5:00P TO 7:00P –Fair Judging and Viewing Dec. 6, 2008 Judges Only: 9:00a to 10:30a Students at Projects with Judges: 10:30a to 12:00p Public Viewing: 12:00p to 2:00p Awards Presentation: 2:00p to 3:00p BPMS Science Fair Information

3 PRSEF Information Dates: Pinellas Regional Science and Engineering Fair –Fair Set-Up Feb. 7, 2009, 8:00a, Seminole Middle School –Fair Judging and Viewing Feb. 7, 2009; Timeline TBA Once Received From Fair Director –Awards Presentation TBA



6 Required Forms 2009 SSEF Fair Entrant Form Adult Sponsor/Safety Assessment Form Student Checklist (1A) (Individual) Abstract Form (5 Copies) Research Plan (Must include a Question, Hypothesis, DETAILED Procedure including all safety measures, and Bibliography (With at least 5 resources) Approval Form (1B) Risk Assessment form (3) Other Necessary Forms (Per Project)

7 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Individual Entrant Check the Junior Division box Check the proper category. Be sure the Abstract title and Project Title Match! Check the Appropriate Presentation Method Give accurate personal information! Step 4: School Information Fair Title: Pinellas County Science and Engineering Fair (CONTINUED ON NEXT SLIDE!)

8 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Individual Entrant School Name Bay Point Middle School Mailing Address 2151 62 nd Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712-5749 727-893-1153 Pinellas County (Check Public!) Step 5: Signatures Student has 2 lines to sign and date; Parent/Guardian has 1 line to sign and date!!

9 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Abstract Single Spaced, 12 Font (Times New Roman), Black Ink NOT to exceed 250 Words!! Must Fit within 5.5 tall x 6 wide Box Top Box: Title; First, Last Name; Schools Name, City and State and Country Be sure to Check all Appropriate boxes! Abstract may be displayed on board, but not until approved!! Review Writing Tips and Abstract Instructions!!

10 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Adult Sponsor Checklist Serves as an organizational tool for the student, teacher, and parent/Guardian. Student needs to be sure to have a parent fill out, sign, and date the form.

11 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Research Plan (1A) Adult Sponsor is Students Parent/Guardian Research Institution would be a hospital, laboratory, etc. Extra Forms are listed as needed! Check the box for forms, obtain, and fill out properly! Be sure to complete the Research Plan Attachment!

12 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Approval Form (1B) Obtain all necessary signatures and date. Adult Sponsor is Students Parent/Guardian DO NOT PROCEED PAST #1 ON THE FORM!!

13 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Risk Assessment Form (3) Fill in the statements with complete and thorough answers. Think Big! Something that may seem safe may be flagged! There is always a risk! Be sure to get all appropriate signatures!

14 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Other Forms Regulated Institution/Industrial Setting Form (1C) –Required for any work in a qualified Lab or industrial setting Qualified Scientist Form (2) –Required for research involving pathogens; may be required for research involving rDNA, vertebrate animals, controlled substances and humans Human Subject Form (4) –Required for all research involving humans. SRC approval required before experimentation. Vertebrate Animal Form (5A) –Required for all research involving vertebrate animals that is conducted in a Non- Regulated Research Site. SRC approval required before experimentation.

15 PRSEF/Florida Forms: Other Forms Vertebrate Animal Form (5B) –Required for all research involving vertebrate animals that is conducted in a regulated research site. SRC approval is required before experimentation. Continuation Form (7) –Required for projects that are a continuation in the same field of study from a previous year(s) project. This form is required for projects exhibiting at the Intel ISEF and should be accompanied by the previous years abstract and Research Plan 1A with Attachment. Please use additional sheets of paper to list previous years as necessary.

16 Science Project Display Board Please review the handout given to you by your teacher for the proper set up of a display board. All boards must follow this format!

17 Science Project Display Board

18 General Notes –All Photographs, pictures, diagrams and graphs must cite a source of these items. The citation must be attached below each and every item and clearly state who created that item. –No sharp or sharp edged items (i.e. pins, thumbtacks, syringes, needles, pipettes) can be displayed. Check all edges and corners on the exhibit. Science Project Display Board

19 General Notes –All items attached to the display board must be attached by either using tape or glue. No metal fasteners ie. staples, pins, or clasps are allowed. The state science fair does not permit this so we will follow this rule to eliminate the need of changing the board if a student is selected to attend the 2009 SSEF. –The abstract must be displayed vertically with the display board. The student may attach the abstract directly to the display board or may displayed it in a plastic free- standing frame.

20 Science Project Display Area General Notes –No non-functional apparatus or containers, empty or otherwise may be displayed. –No glass is allowed except computer monitors, television screens, and shielded fluorescent lights. No unsecured glass of any kind, (i.e. lenses, glass containers, thermometers, gauges, etc.) No pictures frames unless they are acrylic. –Extraneous use of electricity will not be allowed at either the PRSEF or the SSEF. i.e. use of electricity merely for lights.

21 Online Resources ISEF Homepage PRSEF Electronic Registration Prsef Paperwork ed%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx (ALL FORMS CAN BE TYPED OUT AND PRINTED)

22 Contacts Mr. Young 893-1153 Ext. 2323 Mr. Mowry 893-1153 Ext. 2314 Dr. Stevens 893-1153 Ext. 2369 Ms. Norwid 893-1153 Ext. 2339

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