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GOALS To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not, pretend you are. - Muhammad Ali.

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1 GOALS To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not, pretend you are. - Muhammad Ali

2 GOALS Goals are the stepping-stones to success. Set goals, write them down, and commit them to memory. Read your list of goals often. Goals achieved grow confidence for goals not yet reached. Guard your goals from negative influences. Those who have goals have a plan to succeed.

3 GOALS Goals give you the EDGE to make your dreams come true and to create your own destiny. Do not let anyone deny you. Goals can give you the strength to continue going for your dream.

4 GOALS If you do not choose your goals the world will choose them for you. And what the world picks out for you will NOT be great; it will be what is left over.

5 GOALS Goals are the possible to make even the impossible happen. Those who have goals have a plan to succeed.

6 Goal Setting -> Goal Getting success is being on your way to a clearly defined goal. How to set a goal: 1.Make sure your goals are worthy Too easy – may not be worthwhile Are you willing to make some sacrifices? What are some sacrifices that you make?

7 Goal Setting -> Goal Getting success is being on your way to a clearly defined goal. 2.Make sure your goals are realistic. Aiming too high sets you up for disappointment. Break goals down into smaller steps

8 Goal Setting -> Goal Getting success is being on your way to a clearly defined goal. 3.Make sure the goals are yours. Avoid influence from: Parents Friends Advertisers

9 OK, now you have a goal… HOW DO YOU GET THERE?!

10 Plan – Do – Study – Act (PDSA) A.Plan – set up a goal B.Do – Put the steps in action C.Study – Measure your progress D.Act – Make changes if necessary

11 Todays Journal What are some of your personal goals that you want to accomplish?

12 Organizing Your Life Control vs. Panic -> Organization Three things you need to be organized:

13 Organizing Your Life 1.Goal Should be yours Should be do-able Should not conflict with other goals Should be flexible (be willing to make changes.)

14 Organizing Your Life 2.Decision – Making Will the decision help me grow? Will the decision go against my values? Is the decision good in the long run? (Consider the consequences)

15 Organizing Your Life 3.Organize your schoolwork Spread out the schoolwork – make a schedule Do not cram! Plan enough time for assignments/projects. (Do not underestimate the time it will take) Reward yourself for a job well done.

16 Types of Goals 1.Social – Goal dealing with friendships and relationships with other people 2.Physical – Goal dealing with health and the body. 3.Family – Goal dealing with family relationships, including married or single, having children, etc…

17 Types of Goals 4. Financial – Goal dealing with money. 5. Emotional/Spiritual – Goal having to do with the state of your emotions. Can include mental health, religion, happiness, etc… 6. School – Goal having to do with education (grades, what to do after high school, etc…).

18 Four ways to make sure that a goal is a goal: 1.Make sure your goal is very specific! Make instructions – how do you plan to achieve your goal?

19 Four ways to make sure that a goal is a goal: 2. State your goal positively State your goal as I will… instead of I wont… The brain does not respond well to negative commands. 3. Set a time limit – be specific!

20 Four ways to make sure that a goal is a goal: 4.Write it down! Make a list Have pictures/words posted in strange places to remind you of your goal. 1.The Fridge 2.Bathroom 3.Mirror 4.Planner 5.TV 6.Computer

21 Todays Journal Which of the four steps is setting a goal is the most important?

22 Values Values are the central or main beliefs that give us a code or standard by which we judge right and wrong, good and bad ideas or actions that are considered important by a group of people.

23 Values 1.Values help provide goals at which we aim or hope to achieve. Education Honesty Religion Family

24 Values 2.Every society has norms – rules or standards for behavior that tell how to act. Behavior Dress Code Attitude **Norms can change as society changes!**

25 Success is a choice! You did not choose who you are, but you can choose who you become. How many people – whether because of their education, race, family history, or socioeconomic situation – believe, truly believe that they can never achieve success?

26 IT IS POSSIBLE! Whatever you dream… believe in it!

27 Success is a choice! But first you must understand that success – either in your personal life or your professional life – is based on choice. YOUR CHOICE! Not your teachers, not your parents, not your friends, not anyone else. ITS ON YOU!

28 Success is a choice! Its your choice. Choosing success now is the beginning. You are at the start. Commit to reading through this. Find that you have made a choice, a small beginning. A beginning that will lead you to many great things.

29 Success is a choice! Finding your edge gives teens: 1.A framework for living productive and successful lives 2.Inspiration to make the right decisions 3.Motivation to avoid painful life – altering mistakes 4.A foundation of character, values, and ethics.

30 ENERGY Success isnt something you chase. It is something you have to put forth the effort for constantly. - Michael Jordan

31 ENERGY The first thing you need to do is to channel your energy. But what is energy?

32 ENERGY Energy is the fuel and passion that drives success. To understand energy, you must understand the relationship between effort and reward. To feed your positive energy, you must recognize the lessons learned from failure. The energy needed to succeed may mean only five more minutes of effort every day. Those who have energy do not quit until they have one.

33 ENERGY Energy is about digging deep and using your personal power to achieve. Energy is persistence. It is knowing that when you start something new your effort will always be greater then your reward.

34 ENERGY Strategies to Maximize your Energy: 1.Give five more minutes. 2.Eat, drink, and sleep regularly, and well. 3.Do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. 4.Get physical for at least 30 minutes, three days a week. 5.Strive to be energetic and enthusiastic. 6.Do not stop at the 99 yard line!

35 ENERGY Take the Quiz to determine your physical and mental energy level.

36 ENERGY Simply give yourself points for each question based on the following: A – 1 POINT B – 2 POINTS C – 3 POINTS D – 4 POINTS Then add the points up!

37 ENERGY There are four energy levels: *10 to 14 points: Low energy I need a tow truck to get out of bed! *15 to 24 points: Medium-low energy Im not too bad but Im almost a couch potato! *25 to 30 points: Medium high energy Im doing good, but can I do better? *31 to 40 points: High energy Whoa! I have enough energy to light Las Vegas for a week!

38 DREAMS Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. - Robert F. Kennedy

39 DREAMS Dream. Visualize. Imagine. It all begins with a dream. With a dream all things are possible: success, happiness, fortune. Highly productive people dream to rise above the negative, then commit their dreams to reality. Those who have a dream have begun the journey to success.

40 DREAMS Dreams quite often start with a passion, something you love, that only you feel. If you are not sure what your dream is, think about what you are passionate about.

41 DREAMS It is ok to have little dreams. Sometimes little dreams lead to bigger and bigger dreams. Also, know that your dream may change as you grow, just stay true to yourself. Whatever you dream, believe in it. But do not wait to do it! Begin it… TODAY!

42 GIVE BACK You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others. - Audrey Hepburn

43 GIVE BACK Your community needs you. You know how hard it is to reach for and achieve your dreams, to overcome the obstacles and the naysayer.

44 GIVE BACK Now you can use your experience to help others. There is no greater reward then helping people.

45 GIVE BACK No amount of money can equal the feeling you will get when you give back to the community and the world around you. Measure your success not by the amount of money you have, but rather by the number of lives you touch.

46 GIVE BACK Everything you achieve will live inside you like a bright, clean flame. Let that flame light the path for others. Doing so will help you on the road to your ultimate goal…. HAPPINESS!

47 GIVE BACK So here is your final challenge… Find someone in need and show them you care. Sharing your light with others will not diminish yours.

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