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What is Geography? Themes of Geography.

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1 What is Geography? Themes of Geography


3 Themes Location Movement Human-Environmental Interaction Region Place
Absolute/Exact Relative Movement Human-Environmental Interaction Region Physical/Human Features Place

4 Choose one of the following:
Congo trek Monterey Bay Alaska Louisiana Bayou Additional sites added as desired

5 Answer the following by: email (jerry. carr@k12. sd
Answer the following by: electronically as an attachment OR turn in a hard copy Use a blank outline map (Xpeditions Atlas) to label two absolute locations and list the coordinates List the physical and human characteristics of one place described in the site. Compare these characteristics to those of your home region. How similar or different are these two places.

6 List the ways that humans impact the environment in this place
Explain the patterns of movement you have read about at this site. Who moves or migrates? Are there goods or services that migrate or move? How does their movement affect the environment or other animals or people in this place?

7 Figure out which of the Earth’s regions (biomes) this site is set in
Figure out which of the Earth’s regions (biomes) this site is set in. Choose one or more of the six biomes (Biomes of the World). Then explain what makes this biome different from the other regions near it.

8 We will have a weekly activity using the themes throughout the 9-wks.
Location Movement Human Environmental Interaction Place Region

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