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Short Story Structure Tablet Lesson July 31, 2006 DSU.

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1 Short Story Structure Tablet Lesson July 31, 2006 DSU

2 Lesson Objectives To learn the elements of a short story and the function of those partsconflict, complications, climax, resolution To distinguish theme from plot To identify the them of a story

3 Large Group InstructionDay 1 Using the Tablet and projection the elements of a short story are taught Lids down activity Normal engagement issues

4 Large Group PracticeDay 1 Students read a sample short story (accessed via WebCT) While reading students note elements of story and determine theme; cards determining groups are dealt Small group collaborationclusters created of short story elements and theme; emailed to instructor

5 Large Group PracticeDay 2 Instructor projects all groups clusters for critique and discussion Develop class model

6 AssessmentDay 2 Small groups draw movie title out of the hat Develop clusters outlining components of story plot and state theme Clusters emailed to instructor for assessment Assessment using Tablet, digital ink, and recorded comments Clusters sent back to student via email Grades posted on Infinite Campus for viewing

7 Culminating Project Literature groups Create dust cover for novel Dust coverbook title, author, summary, and graphic art symbolic of plot components and characters Document submitted electronically as well as hard copy Rubric used to assess project

8 Assessment Rubric Dust Cover Rubric 5 points3 points1 point Summarycomplete and clearly written some elements missing; unclear at times many elements missing; unclear and confusing Mechanicserror free3-5 errors8+ errors Graphics pleasing layout; fills space effectively layout lacks thought; space not completely filled layout chaotic; many empty spaces Graphics--symbols thoughtful graphics; symbolic of elements lacks thought; connections difficult to recognize graphics are arbitrary; no connections to novel Neatness/Effort document is professional; effort is evident product has some flaws; adequate effort evident product is poor quality; little effort evident Responsibility All deadlines met; uses rubric effectively Most deadlines met; uses rubric adequately Misses deadlines; no attention to rubric

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