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Northeast Region of the United States

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1 Northeast Region of the United States

2 Anticipation ?’s 1. Why would a tourist want to visit this region?
2. What kind of resources are there in the northeast region? 3. What is the region’s most important resource? 4. What is a megalopolis? 5. What states are included in this region?

3 Northeast Midwest West South
For purpose of collecting statistics, the government divides the US into 4 major regions – Northeast, South, Midwest & West. Regions are based on physical, economic, cultural, & historical factors.


5 At A Glance Unique combination of precipitation, type of soil, and variety of trees give New England its beauty Tourists often visit coast of Maine, New York’s Niagara Falls, and farmlands of Pennsylvania New York, Boston and Philadelphia add culture and history

6 Natural Resources Has few natural resources
Thin, rocky soils and steep hills create challenges for farmers Northern reaches of Appalachian Mountains make parts of the Northeast rugged Coal-rich area of Pennsylvania One resource has turned region into center of trade, commerce and industry - water

7 Water Water is the region’s most important resource
Northern Atlantic Ocean has yielded large and abundant harvests of fish Area has excellent harbors 1700s-1800s – helped region grow into major commercial center


9 Leader in Industry Abundant precipitation (40-60 in.) annually combined with hilly terrain gives rivers swift flow Industrialists harnessed this power with water wheels to convert water power to machine power 1800s – may factories built along rivers producing shoes, cotton cloth, and several other goods River valleys served as trade routes, railroad routes, and later, highway routes

10 The Megalopolis Cities along coast grew in importance as harbors of trade and centers of shipbuilding By mid-1800s, European immigrants were flowing into the area Over time coastal cities began to spread and run together By 1960s, area from Boston to Washington, D.C. earned a new name – megalopolis Over 42 million people live in this megalopolis

11 Problems of Megalopolis
Concerns of water supply and facilities of waste disposal Also suffering decline in population from – Philadelphia shrunk by 364,000 Less population means less money for things such as street repairs, police protection, and garbage collection

12 Overview The Northeast’s water bodies have been valuable resources throughout history Northeast was one of the early sites of industry Northeast has become one of the most highly urbanized and densely populated regions of the world

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