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Prehistoric People Open Up Window Journal and draw a Venn Diagram.

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1 Prehistoric People Open Up Window Journal and draw a Venn Diagram.
The Venn Diagram compare and contrast 2 different type of people in early civilization, with the similarities in the middle. Once you are done with your assignment it to the instructor at

2 Exploring History (key terms)
Anthropologist – People who study the remains of skeletons. Artifacts – Objects including tools, clothing, works of art weapons and toys. Culture – The set of beliefs, Knowledge, and patterns living that a group of people develop.

3 Prehistoric People (Hominids)
Hominids – Includes humans as well as earlier humanlike Mary Leakey – Anthropologist who found parts of a skeleton dating back 3.7 million years. Donald Johanson – Anthropologist found remains of a female hominid dating back 3 million years. Skeleton was named Lucy

4 Prehistoric People (Neanderthals)
Researches have found remains of Homo Sapiens called Neanderthals which were believed to have lived 35, ,000 years ago. They were believed to have buried their dead. The also buried meat and tools with there dead which means that they believed in some type of afterlift. No one knows why the disappeared

5 Prehistoric People Cro-Magnons
Another Homo-sapiens called Cro-Magnons appeared 35,000 years ago in Europe. The were becoming more advance in hunting and survival techniques. People also learned about these people by their artwork. Paintings were found on the walls of the caves. By 20,000 years ago humans migrated to northern Asia and Australia, which showed their ability to adapted.

6 Agricultural Revolution
Was the shift of food gathering to food production.

7 Assignment Neolithic Agricultural Revolution
Copy this map and use it to show the main changes caused by the Neolithic agricultural Revolution

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