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Electronic Lesson Plan (Introduction to Photo Composition)

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1 Electronic Lesson Plan (Introduction to Photo Composition)
Using PowerPoint Journal Note Writer Internet

2 Lesson Introduction of Photo Composition (PP)
Introduction of the Elements and Principles of Art through Photography (PP) Web based or file based digital image search (www) Assignment Elements and Composition Identification (Microsoft Word and )

3 Objectives Students will be introduced to photo composition and the Elements and Principles of Art. (SDVACS #1) Students will be able to identify various compositional and elemental aspects of still photography. (SDVACS #2)

4 How will you get the content in to your Tablet so you can use the power of digital ink and other Tablet tools? I used the Internet to find quality unprotected digital images and saved them to a folder in which I can share with the students via shared network drive, WebCT, CD-R, or Jump stick etc…

5 How will the students receive their portion of the assignment?
Students will receive there assignment via WebCT, , or a shared network drive. Not sure yet. All of the materials used in class will be accessible to them for review. Assignment

6 What will the students be doing during the lesson presentation
What will the students be doing during the lesson presentation? (Student Engagement) Students will be viewing power points with engaging imagery as well as completing an image search through their own laptops.

7 4. How will the student portion be submitted to you for evaluation?
Students will either submit their assignments via as an attachment, or by using a shared network drive. (Again not sure)

8 5. How will you use the TabletPC to evaluate the student work?
I can use the pen tool to draw into the images that the students have chosen, giving me the ability to be very specific in a subjective subject area. (This is good)

9 6. What will be the strategy to return completed assignment to your student?
Replying via will allow the student to see there original submission as well as the corrected one. Then they can just reply with questions.

10 Will there time when the lids will be down on the student computers?
Most likely the lids will be down while viewing the slide shows. This assignment is meant to capitalize on a computers ability to transfer vast amounts of information (images). This allows the students to view more images, hopefully adding engagement, and to transfer images to me- so that I know the student understands the specific idea within the content. That is why the lids won’t be down.

11 Describe what challenges you see you may have in managing your classroom and what your thoughts would be for handling those. I see students having lots of questions about the technical aspects of the assignment. Review what is expected of them Preferably on a digital projector

12 How repeatable is this lesson strategy for lessons you will be teaching?
Somewhat repeatable- Students will be able to submit written critiques or other types of image searches in a similar manner. If I were teaching digital photography or if the students had access to scanners this type of file submission would be very repeatable.

13 Other considerations? If internet is down bring a couple copies of CD-R’s containing the assignment folder. Other mediums may be helpful- -student’s past work etc.. Your school’s firewall may block many image galleries- so a list of prompts may help

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