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Florida Department of Health

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1 Florida Department of Health

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3 DPC Hotline: (850)

4 Fleet Our Tow Vehicles: Diesel 4x4, Crew Cab, Dual Axle
Additional Equipment: Brush Guards and 9-ton Winch First response communication tools First response mechanical tools CB Radio Communications Dual fuel tanks, approx. 120 gallon total capacity FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

5 CAPABILITIES: Transport Vehicles
1 – 26’ Box Truck 5,000lb lift gate Used to transport Server room chillers Power infrastructure cabling Data and Voice Supplies

6 7 Mobile Communication Units (MCU01 – MCU07)
Provides Data and Voice Communications Stocked with IT equipment required to rebuild or repair infrastructure. Climate controlled, secured storage and/or office space 2 berths for staff in primitive response scenarios

7 Disaster Recovery Server Sets

8 Recovery Server Sets Seven Server sets
One set has been used for recovering all mission essential data services for a region All seven sets have been used to recover all DOH mission essential services.

9 Recovery Server Sets YOUR SUBTOPICS GO HERE

10 Recovery Server Sets


12 Field Phone Connectivity

13 Disaster Recovery VoIP System
Full PBX function Provides DOH phone numbers Can be used as isolated phone system Full call control Completely customizable Provide satellite phones and fax Terminate existing CO lines on-site Unencumbered by complex licensing


15 Generators DOH IT has generators available for Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery 8kW diesel generators to power Mobile Communications Units 8kW & 10kW gasoline generators for small networks or single 1 ton air conditioner 60kW generator for a Data Centers or a 12 ton air conditioner 200kW generator for Data Center plus clinic with A/C

16 GENERATORS: 8kW MCU Mounted on each MCU trailer
Powers the satellite system, roof mounted A/C, and any other equipment in the trailer More than 60 hours of runtime on 20 gallon tank

17 GENERATORS: 10kW The 10kW gasoline generators are portable (wheeled) units 10kW provides approximately 83 Amps at 120V Power connections are made with standard 15/20 amp extension cords or with 30 amp extension cords with twist lock connectors

18 GENERATORS: 60kW Trailer mounted diesel generator
60kW provides approximately 500 Amps at 120V Provides 120V, 240V or 460V (three phase) Connections are made with bare wire (stripped) and standard 120V 15 amp plugs Will run about 4 days on 150 gallons of diesel fuel with moderate load

19 GENERATORS: 200kW Trailer mounted diesel generator
200kW provides approximately 1,666 amps at 120V Provides 120V, 240V or 460V (three phase) Connections are made with bare wire (stripped) Will run about 24 hours on 150 gallons of diesel fuel with moderate load

20 Cisco Parabolic Dishes

21 Cisco Parabolic Dishes

22 Requirements Provide wireless data signal where:
Distance and/or terrain prevent cabling. Network connectivity is not available at nearby location Secure method of transmitting DOH data when necessary for field and disaster response events

23 Capabilities The Cisco parabolic dishes can be used to transmit data up to 15 miles provided there is a clear line of sight between the dishes The bridge used to convert the data back into a LAN is capable of doubling as a wireless access point for non-DOH traffic Supplemental access points are available for other configurations

24 Med 82 Radio & Repeater Project

25 Med 82 Repeaters and Radios
What is MED 82? Med 82 is a radio channel with a set frequency to be used specifically for ESF8 medical response teams. We use this 400mhz frequency for our communication needs during an event.

26 Med 82 Repeaters and Radios
How does it work? Med 82 radios utilize antennas and base station repeaters in order to broadcast the frequency within a certain radius. Of course, the higher the antenna, the more coverage area you will get. The base station can be permanently mounted or placed in a strategic area based on response needs.

27 Med 82 Repeaters and Radios

28 Med 82 Repeaters and Radios
Currently maintain13 repeaters which we can deploy to an event. A single repeater, when accompanied by a telescoping mast for the antenna, can offer a coverage area of up to 10 miles. Handheld radios must be programmed for the Med 82 frequency and can be utilized with any repeater also programmed with this frequency. The base stations are also fully programmable for other frequencies that may be useful within certain counties during an event, such as the Med 8 channel (utilized by local hospitals, and emergency medical personnel) and Med 8 T\A, which is a talk around channel. Please consult your DPC for specifics regarding channel usage.

29 Med 82 Repeaters and Radios
Radio communications are vital during an event. This is never more evident than when cellular connectivity is completely lost which commonly happens during a large scale event such as a tornado or hurricane.

30 Portable Air Conditioning Units

31 Portable Air Conditioning Units
Several portable air conditioning units available for Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operation 1 ton A/C units for a server room 5 ton A/C units for a larger server room and/or an office 12 ton A/C units for offices or clinics

32 Portable Air Conditioning Units
1 ton A/C Used to cool a 400 – 500 ft2 room, such as a server room or network closet Runs on 110 V Requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit Can be set up with drain hose in some environments, others will require water bucket to be emptied every 12 to 24 hours Multiple units staged for deployment at all times

33 Portable Air Conditioning Units
5 Ton A/C Cools up to 2,000 ft2 Provides 60,000 BTUs Runs on 3 Phase power Requires 30 Amps Should be indoors or at least under cover from rain One unit staged for deployment

34 Portable Air Conditioning Units
12 Ton A/C Can cool several large rooms Requires 208/230/3 Phase power Draws 100 Amps Portable (weighs 1,200 lbs) Can be run outdoors Two units staged for deployment

35 Logistical Information Displays

36 Logistical Information Displays
Seven 46 inch LCD Televisions available for use during events Provide information to the public Disseminate information to field staff during an event Areas which are off limits or hazardous Provide current staging area information Display shift schedules Provide contact information for various personnel

37 Logistical Information Displays

38 Logistical Information Displays
Information is run from local laptop or pulled across the network from server in Tallahassee. Can be used to stream information, such as news from CNN or The Weather Channel. Can be used with the Polycom video conferencing system

39 IT Assessments

40 IT Assessments The goal of an IT Assessment is to determine the current state of an IT environment, propose improvements that will result in a more effective and efficient IT operation, and specify how and where to enforce policy major categories are observed, in accordance with the Department of Health’s ITIL initiative. This initiative references the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which is the framework for outlining worldwide-accepted best practices for IT service management.

41 Standards, Policies, Tools, Resources — EVERYWHERE!
DOH IT Policies Risk Assessment COOP-IT Schedule-IVC Security Bulletins System Administrator SharePoint Portal Help Desk System SPITS CIO Brown Bag Call SysAdmin Bi-Weekly Call ITSW ITIL Asset Management System DPCs COOP Planners Security Coordinators

42 DOH ITA – Process Flow

43 IT Assessments Contact your Regional Disaster Preparedness Consultant (DPC) for more information

44 Security IT Assets During a Disaster Recovery

45 Security IT Assets During a Disaster Recovery
Spare computers staged for disaster recovery purposes are often unpatched. These should be updated with current patching levels BEFORE placing on the network. Updated patch installs should be kept on thumbdrive or compact disk.

46 Security IT Assets During a Disaster Recovery
Recovery server needs to undergo same hardening process as any other production server. The DOH hardening document should be part of your standard driveaway kit along with any other recovery documentation. Avoid granting administrative privileges to standard users.

47 Thanks for your attention. Any Questions?

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