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The Right Service at the Right Time

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1 The Right Service at the Right Time
The Right Service at the Right Time is a social service and e-government resource. Designed to be very easy to use, it is a way to help customers put together the pieces of the social and e-gov resources and solve the puzzle of getting the help they need, all in one place. Right Service is funded under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Florida Department of State, State Library and Archives of Florida. Presented by Orange County Library System

2 Pick a county From any computer with internet access, go to Users will see this page, with the active counties listed. At this time there are five counties in the state that are active in Right Service: Okaloosa, Orange, Seminole, Manatee and Palm Beach. From this page, users can choose to view the interface in one of 4 languages: English, Hatian creole, Spanish and Vietnamese. If a user finds this site and their county is not listed, using the link provided, they can send a message that they want their county involved. Providers and Libraries can also link from this page to get more information and set up accounts.

3 Pick your current need:
Customers can currently choose from seven user stories, which were determined by the requests for information customers were seeking in the library. The user stories are Daily Needs, Family Assistance, Healthcare, Housing, Immigration, Jobs and Transportation. We will select Daily Needs.

4 Answer a few questions or select a service:
At this level, customers are presented with a list of resources they are eligible for. If they answer a few more questions (about me) the results will be further refined, and often expanded to show services that they meet the criteria for. They do not have to answer these questions, but it does provide more targeted resources. To view the information about a specific resource, the customer clicks on the title of the service, or the next step button. Customers also have the option of creating a basket, that will enable them to save services for later review. Right Service does not gather any information about the person using it – no personal information is recorded or tracked. To create a basket, customers just enter a username, address and password of their choosing. We will select the Christian Service Center.

5 Get the help you need At this screen, users can see the details about the service they selected. So, within three clicks, customers have help. Information on this page includes a summary of the services provided, specific information required to get assistance (such as proof of residency etc), the location and hours the provider offers the services, and links to applications that need to completed for assistance.

6 Most providers also include a map, so users will know where the service is located. During the third year of the project development, we will be developing a geo-locater that will show customers on a map the nearest providers for a type of service, and a mobile version of the site, so customers can access it through their smartphones.

7 Some providers have very specific guidelines for providing services
Some providers have very specific guidelines for providing services. For these types of services, there are additional qualifying questions as seen here. There is also a checklist option available, which will list all the items or documentation needed to get assistance from a provider. This provider requires that the customer be pregnant or have a child under 4, be a resident of Florida, and provider proof of pregnancy or a birth certificate for the child.

8 Free to users, providers, libraries, everyone
Easy to use Anonymous Training and on-going support provided Puts together the pieces of the puzzle for residents to get the help they need The Right Service at the Right Time is a win-win project. With a few hours of staff time, a county can be up live on this site and connect their residents with incredibly valuable resources. OCLS is here to provide support and training, and during this grant year, will be setting up training sessions throughout the state for interested counties – just provide a place to work with internet access, a couple of your staff members, and we will come and help bring up your county in one day’s work. What are you waiting for? us at and get started today!


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