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Chapter Two, Section One “Why Americans Have Government”

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1 Chapter Two, Section One “Why Americans Have Government”

2 Types of Government Every country in the world has their own type of government. Each country’s government is unique and varies widely across the globe. Each country’s government has been shaped by traditional beliefs of its people and by their history.

3 Types of Government Governments fall into two main different categories: – Nondemocratic governments – Democratic governments

4 Nondemocratic Governments A monarchy is a type of government where a king or a queen, called a monarch, reigns over a kingdom. Many times monarchies can be non-democratic. – (Morocco, Sweden)

5 Nondemocratic Governments An autocracy is a type of government with complete and absolute power. There are different kinds of autocracies.

6 Types of Autocracies An absolute monarchy is where a person assumes complete power by being born into the family of rulers A dictatorship is usually where a military leader takes power by force. (can get power other ways) Oligarchy is a type of dictatorship that is run by a small group of people

7 Nondemocratic Governments A theocracy is a type of government controlled by one or more religious leaders who rule on behalf of God or the gods worshipped in their country. – Vatican City

8 Lack of Government…… Anarchy is the absence of any type of government.

9 Systems Socialism is an economic system where a country has power over all goods that are produced and provides all for their people.(Denmark, Canada) Communism is a form of government where the ruling party owns the means of production and private ownership is restricted. Usually a dictator rules in Communism (China)

10 Democratic Governments In a democracy, the people of a nation either rule directly or elect officials who act their behalf. – United States, Greece, & Brazil

11 Democratic Governments The word “democracy” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “rule of the people”. There are two forms of democracy.

12 Direct Democracy Direct democracy exists when ALL of the voters in a community meet in one place to decide laws and government actions ALL of the time. Why is this not practical in most places today?

13 Representative Democracy Representative democracy exists when the people elect representatives to carry on the work of gov’t for them. When the people give consent, or permission, to be ruled by elected officials this is a system of government called a republic. (Pledge of Allegiance)

14 Purpose of Government 1 - Helping People Cooperate – Helps us live peacefully. 2 - Providing Services – each level of government: local, state, federal has to provide services for the people. – Example: Education – our state governments have create public school systems to educate our children. 3 - Providing Laws 4 - Plan for the Future

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