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Reading Check Sponges.

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1 Reading Check Sponges

2 Reading Questions, p What is the name of the phylum for sponges? What type of symmetry is displayed by sponges? Name one body plan of the sponges.

3 Today’s Objectives The student will list the characteristics, classification, economic importance, reproductive strategies and organizaiton of members of Phylum Porifera.

4 Characteristics of Poriferans
Assymmetrical or radially symmetrical Nonmotile No tissues or organs Filter feeders Three types of cells

5 Classification – Phylum Porifera
Based on type of spicules Class Calcarea – CaCO3 Class Hexactinellida – SiO4 Class Demospongiae – spongin or SiO4 or both

6 Class Calcarea

7 Class Hexactinellida

8 Class Demospongiae

9 Cell types of sponges Pinacocytes Porocytes Mesohyl (amoeboid cells)
Choanocytes Spicules of calcium carbonate or silica Spongin skeleton

10 Body Types of Sponges Ascon Sycon Leucon

11 Reproduction Monoecious Do not self-fertilize
Amoeboid cells or choanocytes undergo meiosis to form sperm or egg cells Sexual reproduction – forms larvae Asexual reproduction – forms gemmules

12 Economic Importance Commercial production of sponges
Artificial vs. Natural

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