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Classification of Living Things

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1 Classification of Living Things
Diversity of Life

2 What is classification?
Classification is the grouping of things according to characteristics The science of classifying organisms is known as taxonomy

3 Early classification systems
Aristotle grouped animals according to the way they moved John Ray was the first to use the term “species”

4 Binomial Nomenclature
Developed by Linnaeus Two-name system Each organism has a genus and a species name First name (genus); second name (species)

5 What is a scientific name?
Combination of the genus and species name of an organism Scientific names of organisms are always italicized or underlined: (Genus is capitalized; species name is lower-case)

6 Questions What is classification? Why is classifying living things important? What is taxonomy? Describe binomial nomenclature.

7 Questions Who developed a system for naming living organisms? For what is John Ray known? What is a scientific name of an organism and how is it written?

8 Seven classification groups of living things
Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species

9 Questions What are the seven classification groups? Kings Play Cards On Fat Green Stools

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