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Bacteria Our invisible friends.

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1 Bacteria Our invisible friends

2 Bacteria are prokaryotes
Pro – before Karyon – nucleus The simplest forms of life are prokaryotes. Earth’s first cells were prokaryotes.

3 Lots of Them! Prokaryotes are Earth’s most abundant life forms.
They can survive in many environments. They can get energy from many different sources.

4 Prokaryote Review Mostly single-celled No nucleus or organelles
Circular chromosomes Cell walls Reproduce mostly asexually Anaerobic or aerobic Heterotrophic or autotrophic

5 Archaebacteria Methane producers – anaerobic Halophiles Thermophiles
Halo = salt Philia = love Thermophiles Thermo = heat

6 Eubacteria Parasitic heterotrophs (Streptococcus) Saprophages
Sapro = death Phage = eat Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) Photosynthetic Chemosynthetic autotrophs (Rhizobium)

7 Bacteria are Named by Shape
Cocci (ball-shaped) Streptococcus mutans Bacillus (rod-shaped) Clostridium botulinum Spirilli (spiral-shaped) Treponema palladium


9 Germ Theory of Disease Joseph Lister – Aseptic Techniques
Robert Koch – Germ Theory A specific microorganism causes a specific disease


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