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The Five Physiographic Provinces of Virginia. The Five Provinces.

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1 The Five Physiographic Provinces of Virginia

2 The Five Provinces

3 Virginia is divided into 5 provinces based on their geologic formations.

4 After looking at the first few slides, how many of the provinces can you name? Do you know in which province we live?

5 Be sure to take good notes! There will be a quiz at the end of this presentation.

6 1. Coastal Plain

7 The Coastal Plain runs from the fall line on the west, to the Atlantic Ocean on the east It is a terraced landscape

8 Sand, silt and clay produced by erosion of the Appalachian Mts. covers the plain As sea levels rose and fell, fossils were left at various layers

9 Virginia Fossils Fossils include various marine organisms like clams, scallops, sharks teeth, and other hard remains

10 Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic fossils are found in Virginia

11 2. Piedmont

12 Facts about the Va. Piedmont It is an area of rolling hills underlain by ancient igneous and metamorphic rock It is the largest of the provinces

13 Mining the Piedmont High quality slate is mined from this area The Piedmont host one of the worlds largest kyanite mines ( see picture of kyanite )

14 3. Blue Ridge Mountains

15 Blue Ridge Facts The billion year old igneous and metamorphic rocks are the oldest in the state

16 Blue Ridge Facts It is a high ridge separating the piedmont from the valley and ridge province

17 Ready for a quick review? 1. Which province, that has already been described, is known for having layers of fossils?

18 Quick Review Quick Review 2. Which province is the largest? 3. Which province has the oldest rocks? 4. Which province has slate and kyanite mines?

19 Lets see how you did! 1. Coastal Plain 2. Piedmont 3. Blue Ridge 4. Piedmont

20 4. Valley and Ridge Province

21 Valley and Ridge The Valley and Ridge Province is an area of long parallel ridges and valleys underlain by ancient folded and faulted sedimentary rocks

22 Cambrian fossil algal structures are found in the V&R Province

23 Limestone outcrops are common in the Valley and Ridge Province

24 This area is also famous for Karst What does karst mean? Want some hints?

25 Sink holes!

26 Caverns!

27 Think you figured it out? Karst is an irregular limestone region with sinks, underground streams, and caverns The Valley and Ridge Province is famous for its caverns, can you name one?

28 5. Appalachian Plateau

29 Appalachian Plateau Facts The Appalachian Plateau has rugged, irregular topography and is underlain by ancient, flat-lying sedimentary rocks

30 Appalachian Plateau Facts Do you notice any thing in these layers?

31 COAL!

32 Virginia Coal Most of Virginia's coal is found in the Appalachian Plateau.

33 Virginia Coal These old sedimentary rocks contain many fossils and tons of coal.

34 Lets see how you do on this 10 question quiz. Ready? Here we go!

35 Questions! 1.Which province is covered by sand, silt and clay? 2.Which province has Cambrian algal fossils? 3. This province has a terraced landscape.

36 More Questions! 4. This province contains billion year old rocks. 5. Which province is underlain by ancient,flat-lying sedimentary rocks?

37 More Questions! 6. This province has rolling hills underlain by ancient rocks. 7. What do we call an irregular limestone region with sink holes and caverns?

38 More Questions! 8. Which province is at the most western part of the state?( province #5 ) 9. Which province is the largest? 10.Which province is famous for coal?

39 How did you do? Get ready and well check your answers Ready?

40 The Answers 1. Coastal Plain 2. Valley and Ridge 3. Coastal Plain 4. Blue Ridge 5. Appalachian Plateau 6. Piedmont 7.Karst 8. Appalachian Plateau 9. Piedmont 10. Appalachian Plateau


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