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1 Muscles

2 Types of Muscle Smooth - involuntary Skeletal - voluntary
Cardiac - involuntary

3 Smooth Muscle Involuntary Lines digestive system Lines blood vessels
Contracts bladder Contracts uterus Few nuclei, no striations Movements involve many muscles at a time

4 Skeletal Muscle Under voluntary control Moves arms, legs, head
Allows us to change body position, move Produces most of body heat Many striations, many nuclei Pull on bone

5 Structure of Skeletal Muscle
Draw figure in your notes here. Muscles are made of individual bundles. Each bundle is enclosed by a sarcolemma Within each sarcolemma are many sarcomeres

6 Skeletal Muscle Structure

7 Skeletal Muscle (cont.)
Each sarcomere is bounded by two Z lines Each sarcomere is made of actin and myosin strands

8 Sliding Filament Theory
Basic theory of muscle contraction. Two filaments, actin & myosin, interact within the sarcomere Length of A band doesn’t change. I-band and H-zone shorten during contraction. Filaments slide past each other but do not shorten themselves.

9 Cardiac Muscle Found only in heart Striated like skeletal muscle
Involuntary like smooth muscle Pushes blood out of the heart

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