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Human Reproductive System

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1 Human Reproductive System

2 Male Reproductive System

3 Sperm Formation MEIOSIS Form in testes Temperature important! Scrotum
Leave testes via epididymus to the vas deferens

4 Semen Fluids help to transport, feed, and protect sperm
Seminal vesicles Prostate gland Bulbourethral glands

5 Secondary Sexual Characteristics - Male
Produced by testosterone Deeper voice Axillary and pubic hair Chest and facial hair Lengthen bones Increased size of testes for sperm production

6 Female Reproductive System

7 Ovum Formation MEIOSIS Ova are formed before birth
1 ovum per month is matured and released from ovaries

8 Secondary Sexual Characteristics - Female
Induced by increased LH, FSH, estrogen, and progesterone hormone levels Axillary and pubic hair Widen pelvis Enlarge mammary tissue Begin menstrual cycles

9 Fertilization Occurs in upper 1/3 of Fallopian tube
Once one sperm enters, egg membrane changes Fertilized egg = zygote

10 Implantation Implanted into thick walls of uterus
Chorion membranes dig into uterus to form placenta Embryo supported via umbilical cord Once pregnant, progesterone levels stay high in mom

11 1st Trimester Heart develops first Neural tube develops
All body systems appear by Week 8 – Now a Fetus

12 2nd Trimester Mostly growth Looks more like a baby
Some preemies survive at this stage

13 3rd Trimester More growth Kicking, rolling, stretching
Eyes open – Week 32 Lungs mature Rotates to head-down position

14 Birth Labor Uterine contractions begin Cervix dilates to 10 cm. Birth
Uterus pushes baby through vaginal canal Placenta delivered after


16 Most of this not fun?

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