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Comparing and Rounding Decimals Christine Berg Edited V Hamilton.

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1 Comparing and Rounding Decimals Christine Berg Edited V Hamilton

2 1000 = thousand 100= hundred 10 = ten 1= one 0.1= tenth 0.01= hundredth 0.001= thousandth = ten-thousandth Decimal Places

3 Reading Decimals Step 1: Read the number before the decimal point

4 Reading Decimals Step 2. Read the decimal point as and

5 Reading Decimals Step 3: Read the number after the decimal place

6 Step 4: Follow the second number with the place value of the last digit Hint Reading Decimals

7 Hint.05 Draw and imaginary line underneath Reading Decimals

8 Hint.05 Reading Decimals Place a 1 under the decimal Place zeroes under each of the following numbers

9 is read as five hundredths Reading Decimals

10 Decimal Models Equivalent Decimals Number Line Comparing Decimals

11 TenthHundredth Decimal Models

12 Decimals that represent the same value Example: 0.6 is equivalent to = 0.60 Equivalent Decimals

13 Zeroes as last digit(s) of a number can be removed 0.6 = 0.60 Terminal Zeroes

14 Equivalent Decimals

15 Comparing Decimals Step 1: Underline the first number that is different in the numbers being compared

16 Step 2: Add terminal zeros so there are the same number of decimal places Comparing Decimals

17 Step 3: Remove the decimal point Comparing Decimals

18 Step 4: Order numbers depending on the directions given Comparing Decimals

19 Step 5: Replace decimal point and remove terminal zeroes Comparing Decimals

20 Which is greater: 0.6 or 0.58 ?

21 > 0.58

22 Which is greater: 0.6 or

23 Step 1: Underline decimal place we are rounding Rounding Decimals

24 Step 2: Circle the number to the right of the underlined decimal place Rounding Decimals

25 Step 3: If circled digit is greater than or equal to 5, then round the underlined number up (add one) Rounding Decimals

26 Step 4: If circled digit is less than or equal to 4, leave the underlined number the same Rounding Decimals

27 Try these: 1)Round 1.05 to the nearest tenth 2) Round to the nearest tenth Rounding Decimals

28 Answers: 1) 1.1 2) 0.12 Rounding Decimals

29 Describe what you learned today about either reading OR rounding decimals. In your Own Words

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