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Scientific Investigation

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1 Scientific Investigation
Bonus Jeopardy Part 1 Jeopardy 8th Grade > Scientific Investigation Electricity Plus! Matter or Not Life Systems Earth & Space 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40

2 In order to turn on the light, a piece of wire needs to be connected between which two letters?
What is A to D?

3 The area that shows the amplitude of the wave is -
What is area 3?

4 Daily Double

5 Electric bills are calculated based on the amount of energy consumed
Electric bills are calculated based on the amount of energy consumed. The consumption is measured in units of – newton meters millijoule seconds megavolt minutes kilowatt hours What is D?

6 Both light bulbs are lit in the circuit below, a switch must be installed in the place marked by what number? What is 1?

7 Which of these is best classified as a mixture?
Carbon dioxide Water Soil Iron What is C?

8 Which of these belongs in the outermost shell (energy level) of an atom?
Electrons Protons Neutrons Photons What is A?

9 A substance made up of two or more elements that have been chemically combined is called –
an atom a compound an element a mixture What is B?

10 What is D?

11 Daily Double

12 A plant’s green color is due to the presence of which organelle?
What is chloroplast?

13 Which of these has the greatest influence over how big a baby elephant will grow?
The amount of oxygen in the air The amount of food available The size of the trees in the jungle The type of grass on the plains What is B?

14 Which biome contains large populations of grazing herbivores, few species of birds, and deep, rich soil? A taiga A tundra A deciduous forest A grassland What is D?

15 What is the next in this series?
Habitats Organisms Systems Organelles What is C?

16 Which body in the solar system usually contains an atmosphere?
An asteroid A planet A meteor A comet What is B?

17 Which of these planets in the solar system was the most recently discovered?
Mars Venus Jupiter Pluto What is D?

18 The force that holds the planets in orbit around the sun is called-
motion friction pressure gravity What is D?

19 Which of these has the most influence on ocean tides?
The magnetic field of the Earth Gravity between the Earth and the moon Radiation from the sun Electrical forces in the atmosphere What is B?

20 The diagram shows a graduated cylinder containing water
The diagram shows a graduated cylinder containing water. From which position will the most accurate measure of the volume of the water be made? What is position 3?

21 Which of the following is used to measure the mass of an object?
Balance Metric ruler Graduated cylinder Barometer What is A?

22 This experiment was set up to test the hypothesis that plants grow faster in green light. The same amount of water and fertilizer were added to each pot. Which of these will improve the experiment? Use green lights for all these plants Add more types of plants Use the same kind of plant in all trials Use different pots for each plant What is C?

23 This chart represents the type and number of items collected in a beach cleanup. Based on the above chart, what percentage of the total items collected from the beaches was plastic? 46% 49% 56% 70% What is C or 56%?


25 The location on the track where the train has the greatest potential energy is -
What is 1 ?

26 Double Jeopardy Who Knows Charts& Graphs Matter+More Chains& Webs Last Hope 20 20 20 20 20 40 40 40 40 40 60 60 60 60 60 80 80 80 80 80

27 Which of these minerals is a carbonate?
A) Calcite (CaCO3) B) Galena (PbS) C) Gypsum (CaSO4) D) Magnetite (Fe3O4) What is A?

28 Convection is the result of-
currents caused by the motion of heated molecules increases in the density of solids colder portions of liquids rising the lack of heat transfer What is A?

29 Daily Double

30 You break a piece of glass, the shape of the glass changes, but the properties in the fragments remain the same. Which of the following has occurred? A chemical change A temperature change A phase change A physical change What is D?

31 Which of the following lists the elements in order, from those having the least protons to those having the most protons in the atom? O, N, B, Li Na, S, Al, Cl O, S, Se, Te Rb, K, Na, Li What is C?

32 In the food web shown, which of the following consumers eats only producers?
Hawk Owl Fox Mouse What is D or Mouse?

33 How are humans classified within a food chain?
Producers Consumers Decomposers Manufacturers What is B?

34 In this picture of a pond ecosystem, what would most likely happen if all the lily plants were removed from this community? The pond water currents would be slower. There would be more animals. There would be more oxygen in the air. The animals would have have fewer places to hide. What is D?

35 In this food web, which organism has the greatest number of food sources?
Snake Hawk Shrew Mouse What is B or the Hawk?

36 Daily Double

37 At what speed would a car have to move in order to travel 20 kilometers in two hours?
5 km/hr 10 km/hr 20 km/hr 40 km/hr What is B or 10 km/hr?

38 Which of these is due entirely to inheritance in humans?
Reading skill Eye color Endurance Broken bones What is B ?

39 Which of the following is produced as a result of photosynthesis?
Heat water Oxygen Carbon Dioxide What is C ?

40 Lions usually live in prides made up of a few adult females, an adult male, and some younger lions. The females hunt together and the kill is shared with the pride. The lions’ method of hunting best illustrates- cooperation competition territoriality parasitism What is A?

41 Which of these species would be most in danger of becoming extinct if one of their food sources became unavailable? What is Panda?

42 According to this graph, which of these is the most important in developing the biomass of these plants? Nitrates Sulfates Magnesium Iron What is B?

43 According to the graph, which angle of the release would cause the javelin to go the farthest?
75° 60° 45° 30° What is C or 45°?

44 According to this chart, which of these animals is a sea lion?
B) C) D) What is C?

45 Which of these resources would give the most current, complete and accurate information on planets?
Planet website by Round Rock Middle School The NASA website A set of general encyclopedias A science book about the planets What is B?

46 Bean seeds were placed in a dish lined with a moist paper towel
Bean seeds were placed in a dish lined with a moist paper towel. Which of these is the independent (manipulated) variable in this experiment? The type of seed The amount of water used The number of sprouts The temperature of each dish What is D?

47 A proton has which of the following charges?
Negative Neutral Positive Magnetic What is C or positive?

48 The density of an object is dependent upon the object’s mass and-
height area volume weight What is C or volume?


50 Which of the following environments would you expect to find the greatest number of different species of plants and animals per square mile? An island near the South Pole A wheat field in North Dakota A pasture on a Virginia farm A tropical rain forest in Panama What is D?

51 Thanks for playing JEOPARDY
Now, go home and study!

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