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Chemistry Jeopardy 10 20 30 40 10 20 30 40 10 20 30 40 >>>> 10 20 30 Molar Relationships Phases of Matter Nomenclature + Formulas Atomic Structure 10.

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2 Chemistry Jeopardy >>>> Molar Relationships Phases of Matter Nomenclature + Formulas Atomic Structure Scientific Investigations

3 How many grams of sodium chloride are required to prepare mL of a 0.100M solution? What is 2.93 g?

4 What is 14.0 g? How many grams of product Z will be formed if 12.0 g of W react with 10.0 g of X to form 8.0 g of product Y in the reaction shown?

5 Daily Double

6 What is He or A? The gas with the largest volume at STP is- A) A) 10.0 g He B) B) 10.0 g Ne C) C) 10.0 g Ar D) D) 10.0 g Kr

7 What is C? What is represented by the pH of a solution? A) A) Partial pressure of hydrogen ions in the solution B) B) Electronegativity of dissociated hydrogen ions in solution C) C) Concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution D) D) Temperature of hydrogen ions in the solution

8 Which of the following could cause a gaseous substances to liquify? A) A) An increase in pressure B) B) An increase in volume C) C) An increase in temperature D) D) A decrease in number of moles What is A?

9 What is D? According to Charles law, the volume of a fixed amount of gas is directly proportional to- A) A) isoelectric mixture B) B) vapor concentration C) C) barometric pressure D) D) kelvin temperature

10 What is B? The energy required to melt a solid into a liquid is called- A) A) heat of vaporization B) B) heat of fusion C) C) cooling curve D) D) triple point

11 What is 60 atm or A? If a deep-sea divers tank is filled with a helium-oxygen mixture to a pressure of 170 atmospheres and the partial pressure of helium is 110 atmospheres, the partial pressure of oxygen is- A) A) 60 atm B) B) 110 atm C) C) 140 atm D) D) 280 atm

12 Daily Double

13 What is B? What is the main similarity among elements in group 2? A) A) Atomic radius B) B) Chemical properties C) C) Mass number D) D) Boiling point

14 What is C? A neutral atom of aluminum-27 contains- A) A) 13 protons and 27 electrons B) B) 14 protons and 13 neutrons C) C) 13 electrons, 13 protons, and 13 neutrons D) D) 13 electrons, 14 protons, and 13 neutrons

15 What is 1 or A? Which of the elements below is a positive ion with a charge of one? A) A) 1 B) B) 2 C) C) 3 D) D) 4

16 What is A? Cations are formed when neutral atoms lose- A) A)electrons B) B) protons C) C) neutrons D) D) positrons

17 What is C? Which of these is the general formula for a double-replacement reaction? A) A+BAB B) AB+XYBA+YX C) AB+XYAY+XB D) A+B+XYAX+BY

18 What is C? The correct formula of an ionic compound containing AL 3+ and CO 3 2- is- A) A) AlCO 3 B) B) Al(CO 3 ) 3 C) C) Al 2 (CO 3 ) 3 D) D) Al 3 (CO 3 ) 2

19 What is B? Which of these is the balanced chemical equation for the reaction shown above? A) A) Al+H 2 SO 4 Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 +H 2 B) B) 2Al+3H 2 SO 4 Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 +3H 2 C) C) 2Al+3H 2 SO 4 Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 +H 2 D) D) 2Al+H 2 SO 4 Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 +H 2

20 What is 15 or C? The figure below shows a compound containing hydrogen and an unknown element Z. To which group on the periodic table does element Z belong? A) A) 13 B) B) 14 C) C) 15 D) D) 16

21 What is D? If a student needed to obtain 8.0 mL of a liquid for an experiment, the appropriate piece of laboratory equipment to use would be a- A) A) 50mL beaker B) B) 1.0 mL pipet C) C) 50 mL flask D) D) 10.0 mL graduated cylinder

22 What is D? Which of the following best describes why an experiment should be repeated? A) A) To organize the data B) B) To produce a variety of results C) C) To include another variable D) D) To verify the observed results

23 What is B? According to the graph, in order to double the rate of the reaction at 20°C, the temperature must be increased by approximately- A) 10°C B) 20°C C) 30°C D) 40°C

24 What is A? Which basic lab technique involves the separation of a mixtures components through differences in particle size? A) A) Filtration B) B) Extraction C) C) Distillation D) D) Crystallization

25 Double Chem. Jeopardy More Molar Fun! Changes Matter! Changes Matter! Who Knows? The correct The correctFormula Beats Me

26 How many grams of nitrogen are present in 2 moles of HNO 3 ? A) A) 1 B) B) 2 C) C) 14 D) D) 28 What is 28 or D?

27 What is moles or A? How many moles of copper are equivalent to 3.44 X atoms of copper? A) A) moles B) B) 1.75 moles C) C) 5.41 X moles D) D) 5.71 X moles

28 Daily Double

29 What is 213 g/mol or D? What is the molar mass of Al(NO 3 ) 3 ? A) A) 57 g/mol B) B) 103 g/mol C) C) 165 g/mol D) D) 213g/mol

30 What is 64.1 g or B? What is the mass in grams of one mole of sulfur dioxide (SO 2 )? A) A) 48.1 g B) B) 64.1 g C) C) 80.1 g D) D) 96.1 g

31 What is 9.45 L or B? A sample of nitrogen occupies 10.0 liters at 25°C and 98.7 kPa. What would be the volume at 20°C and kPa? A) A) 7.87 L B) B) 9.45 L C) C) 10.2 L D) D) 10.6 L

32 What is D? Each balloon was filled with an identical number of moles of gas. Which of the following best explains why the balloon B is larger than balloon A? A) A)The gas in A is under less pressure B) B) The gas in A is warmer C) C) The gas in B is under more pressure D) The gas in B is warmer

33 What is 92 What is 92 ° or C? Line D represents water. If the atmospheric pressure in a flask is lowered to 70 kPa, water would boil at what temperature? A) A) 32° B) B) 70 ° C) C) 92 ° D) D) 100 °

34 What is 404 J or B? Solid magnesium has a specific heat of 1.01 J/g°C. How much heat is given off by a 20.0 gram sample of magnesium when it cools from 70.0°C to 50°C? A) A) 202 J B) B) 404 J C) C) 808 J D) D) 1010 J

35 Daily Double

36 What is A? The appropriate model for a decomposition reaction is-

37 What is A? The formula for dinitrogen tetroxide is- A) A) N 2 O 4 B) B) N 3 O 3 C) C) N 2 O 2 D) D) NO

38 What is C? What is the correct Lewis dot structure for arsenic?A) B) C) D)

39 What is C? The empirical formula for a substance is CH 2. If the molecular mass of the substance is 56, the molecular formula is- A) A) C 2 H 4 B) B) C 3 H 6 C) C) C 4 H 8 D) D) C 5 H 10

40 What is C? Which of the following orbital diagrams is incorrect because it violates Hunds rule.A B C D

41 What is A? Which of the following is the name of the molecule PCl 3 ? A) A) Phosphorus trichloride B) B) Phosphorus chloride C) C) Potassium trichloride D) D) Potassium chloride

42 What is C? Which of the following properties decreases from left to right across a period? A) A) Atomic number B) B) Electronegativity C) C) Atomic radius D) D) Ionization energy

43 What is 6 or D? When this equation is balanced, the coefficient of the hydrochloric acid will be- A) A) 2 B) B) 3 C) C) 4 D) D) 6

44 What is A? The atomic number corresponds to an atoms number of- A) A) protons B) B) neutrons C) C) electrons D) D) positrons

45 What is D? Which element naturally occurs as a diatomic molecule? A) A) Zn B) B) C C) C) K D) D) H

46 What is D? What shape does the molecule BF 3 have? A) A) Bent B) B) Linear C) C) Tetrahedral D) D) Trigonal planar

47 What is D? How should be expressed in proper scientific notation? A) A) 3.65 X 10 4 B) B) 365 C) C) 3.65 D) D) 3.65 X 10 -4


49 When this equation is balanced, the coefficients in order are- A) A) 1, 1, 1, 1 B) B) 2, 1, 1, 2 C) C) 3, 1, 3, 2 D) D) 3, 2, 2, 1 What is C?

50 Thanks for playing JEOPARDY Now, go home and study!

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