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Using Children’s Literature to Enhance Your Science Curriculum

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1 Using Children’s Literature to Enhance Your Science Curriculum
Integrating Science and Literature 15 slides-Compiled 04/18/04 by. Dr. Marjorie Anne Wallace, Elementary Science Resource Teacher, 2004

2 Science Education Standards
National Science Education Standards: As a result of activities in grades K-4, students should develop the abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry and to understand the process of inquiry. Benchmarks for Science Literacy: Student goals relating to understanding the scientific world view and the process of scientific inquiry

3 Why Link Science with Literacy?
Time Think Critically with Text Science vocabulary development Encourages purposeful use of Language, Writing extensions Enriches formal & informal discourse Read, Write, and Think like actual scientist. Familiarity with reading and writing Compliment and Enrich

4 Process Skills Process skills Science skills Language skills Observing
Five senses Lab equipment Discriminating shapes, sounds, syllables, words Predicting & evaluating Form idea of expected results Form idea of expected event or outcome Collecting data Measure & record data Take notes, use reference data Investigating Collect & analyze data Ask questions, investigate

5 Process skills Process skills Science skills Language skills
Interpreting data Read table, graphs, diagrams Cause-and-effect, organize facts Classifying Grouping Sequencing, compare & contrast Forming conclusions Critical analysis Critical analysis ID main ideas Communicate results Exchange info Describe clearly

6 Process Skills Process skill Science skill Language skill BOTH:
Inquiry Grounded in Inquiry Communicate Oral language, Reading, writing, Photos, drawings Oral language, Reading, writing Photos, drawing Knowledge based Build knowledge of natural world

7 Balanced Reading Strategies

8 Books with science content
Textbooks Trade book Non-fiction Big books Biographies Fiction Poetry

9 Effective Strategies: Promote Strategic & Independent Readers
What Good Readers Do before, after, and during= Look through the book and think about what they see. Ask questions about what they are reading Check to make sure they know what they read by retelling the events.

10 Effective Strategies What Good Readers Do
when their reading breaks down: Look at the Pictures Say the beginning sound(s) Stretch the Word Out Skip the word, read to the end of the sentence Go back and read again fixing reading Ask for Help!

11 Why Use Trade Books and Nonfiction to Support Science?
Builds On Prior Knowledge Attracts children & meets their interests Provides authentic opportunities to Read & Write Brings science down to their level Provides opportunity for Read Alouds, Guided Reading, Shared reading, and Independent reading.

12 Setting the Stage Discuss what scientist and writers have in common:
Solve problems Read, study, & write Come up with questions that Inspire and Investigate them Keep notes & Journals Use their senses Think Science Science Literature Literature Arts Arts

13 Advantages of Integration:
Maximize use of time Engage in purposeful reading, in groups / independent read Opportunity to practice reading, language, and oral communication Link science content with literacy standards Enhance critical reading & research Form strategies that inform comprehending & communicating the book Multiliteracies / genre.

14 How to start! (smile) Science Trade books!
4-5 books on same topic/ different authors Read then share info Big Books Read Aloud/Stop/Talk Write, draw pics, design models, flip books,activities… Graphic organizers,Cornell notes, marginalia Get rid of inaccurate books-They confuse children! Lots of reading,discussing, summarizing,& writing!

15 Where can I find good books?
Your Language Arts & science district supervisors Children’s Book Council-March annual “Outstanding Trade Books in Science” Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators School librarians-excellent source Set up your own in-house reading group

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