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Let’s Prepare for a Hurricane!

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1 Let’s Prepare for a Hurricane!
By Stacy Bodin

2 What's a hurricane? A hurricane is a very destructive and dangerous storm. It forms in stages. The hurricanes are filled with rain, strong winds, lightning, thunder, hail and tornadoes. In these storms, when the winds range from 35 to 54 miles an hour, it is called a tropical depression. When the winds are from 55 to 74 miles an hour then it is called a tropical storm. When it reaches 75 miles an hour, it is called a hurricane.

3 How do they measure hurricanes?
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale Category Wind speed (mph) Storm surge (feet) 5 156 More than18 4 131–155 13–18 3 111–130 9–12 2 96–110 6–8 1 74–95 4–5 Additional classifications Tropical storm 39–73 0–3 Tropical depression 0–38

4 What is the “eye” of the hurricane?
Eye of the Hurricane: The eye is the calm center of a hurricane. In the middle of the storm, things may seem calm, but you may be in the middle of the storm. Listen to the radio to find out when the storm has really passed.

5 What does evacuate mean?
Evacuate: You and your family may be asked to leave your home. You can return after your town or state leaders say you can return.

6 What does flooding mean?
Floods: Flooding occurs when water rises. More people are killed by floods during a hurricane than by any other hazard. Tidal surges push water in hurricanes and can cause flooding.

7 What is a storm surge? Storm surge: Storm surge is a massive dome of water, that sweeps across the coast near the area where the eye of the hurricane comes makes landfall. The stronger the hurricane the higher the storm surge. For those living along the coast, storm surge is one of the most dangerous parts of a hurricane. Here are examples of a storm surge flooding a town.

8 What is a hurricane watch & warning?
Hurricane Watch: A hurricane is possible within 36 hours. Listen closely to the radio and television for more information. It is very important for your parents to listen for the hurricane updates. Hurricane Warning: A hurricane is expected within 24 hours. You may be told to evacuate. You and your family should begin preparations to evacuate.

9 Do I need to prepare for tornadoes?
YES! Hurricanes often bring tornadoes with them. Listen to your radio for tornado warnings and try to stay safe.

10 What can you do? Listen to the radio: Get radio and extra batteries for it, and be sure to listen to it during a hurricane or any emergency. The radio will tell you when you need to take shelter.

11 What can you do? Prepare your house for the storm!
Help your parents get the house ready by picking up loose items in the yard, covering windows plywood, removing roof antennas and turning off utilities.

12 What can you do? Disaster supply kit: Make sure your family has a disaster supply kit assembled and ready to use. Disaster meeting place: Ask your family to decide on a meeting place in case you get separated during a disaster. Choose an out-of-town relative or friend who you can check in with to say you're OK.

13 What can you do? Pets: If you have pets, you need to find a place for them to stay if you have to evacuate your home. Make sure this safe place is outside the evacuated area. If your family plans to stay in a public shelter, you may have to keep your pets somewhere else. You could also take shelter in a hotel, but make sure they accept pets before you evacuate

14 Keep Track of the Hurricane
If you know how, try to keep track of the hurricane. You can see it on the internet (if you are away from the storm) or listen to a radio and download a hurricane tracking chart. When a hurricane forms, you can follow its course by listening to the news on the radio and you can plot it on the chart.

15 Last, stay safe and listen!
The final thing is to stay indoors and stay safe and dry! Listen to the adults around you!

16 THE END Pictures from NOAA Center, Microsoft Clip Art Collection or personal photographs.

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