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The scarlet Ibis By James Hurst.

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1 The scarlet Ibis By James Hurst

2 Format for the Plot Diagram
Climax-- point where the protagonist changes Rising Action -- three statements that summarize major events of the story before the climax Falling action -- one statement about what leads to the end of the conflict Conflict -- struggle between opposing forces Resolution (Denouement)-- the end of the conflict Exposition --introduces the characters, background and setting

3 Plot diagram for “The scarlet ibis”
Climax—Doodle dies Rising Action – Doodle crawls backwards Doodle talks Doodle walks Falling action –the narrator finds Doodle Inciting Incident—Doodle survives past birth/infancy Resolution (Denouement)—brother comes to terms with what happened to Doodle Conflict -- Exposition – 1918, southern US Protagonist: character out to create change—Doodle’s brother Antagonist: force that opposes the protagonist—Doodle’s handicap

4 Key terminology Retrospect: contemplation of the past; thinking about past events Transition: smoothly moving from one topic to another Point of View: the perspective from which the author is telling the story Simile: a comparison using “like” or “as”

5 Key terminology Irony: the least expected outcome
Foreshadowing: hints or glimpses into the future of the story Allusion: a reference to another, well-known, literary work Imagery: very detailed description that allows a reader to form a mental picture Symbol: an object or a person represents something else

6 Key terminology Characterization: the methods used by the author to develop the characters Indirect Characterization: the author reveals information about a character and that character’s personality through the character’s actions, thoughts, and words as well as through those of other characters Direct Characterization: the author directly states information and descriptions concerning a character

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