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Development WOD What factors influence a person’s character? Please take out your WOD packet.

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1 Development WOD What factors influence a person’s character? Please take out your WOD packet

2 Breaking Apart the Prompt Read through the prompt page and identify the following: What is the MAIN question I am responding to for this essay? What kind of an essay is this? Narrative, argumentative, reflective? How many sources TOTAL do I need to reference? Are any of these sources required?

3 Answers Main question: What are the 2 most important factors that influence the development of a person’s character? Argumentative 3 sources TOTAL, 1 of the 3 must be a visual

4 Vocabulary Requirements A total of 5-8 highlighted vocab words OPTIONS -Tier 2 Words = Academic Vocabulary (Power Verbs) Examples: Affirms, Analyzes, Articulates, Asserts, Challenges - Tier 3 Words= Content-Specific Jargon (found in sources) Examples: Cognitive Development, Moral Development, Social Environment, Parenting, Economic Issues, Environment, Character

5 How Will I Choose My Sources? ASK YOURSELF: What articles/charts/movie moments align with my beliefs of what factors influence a person’s character development? What quotes could I easily pull to use for my concrete details in this paper?

6 Finding Your Focus This will be a 4-5 paragraph essay therefore you need at least a 2 pronged thesis statement. In this thesis statement you will select what 2 factors you believe most influence the development of a person’s character. You should be able to use your sources to support this argument, so make sure your ideas will work with the material you have been given!

7 Example Thesis Statement: Upon analyzing both fictional and nonfictional texts exploring the moral development of an individual, one can argue that family and genetics are two large factors that undeniably impact the character development of an adolescent. Body paragraph #1 would discuss the importance of ? How about Body paragraph # 2?

8 What Should You Do With Body Paragraph #3? Address the opposing viewpoint (someone who would argue against your claim/thesis) Offer a rebuttal Some might say that the biggest contributing factor to a person’s development is their economic status, BUT (prove them wrong with an example)

9 Brainstorm Reflecting on TKAM and your provided sources- what are some “factors” you could choose to write about for this essay?

10 Body Paragraph #1- What Characters from TKAM Could You Choose to Discuss in this Essay? Example: You could argue that Scout’s moral development was influenced by her family life. What quotes from the book could you use to show this? What scenes from the novel can you paraphrase for evidence of this? This information along with your commentary could make up 1 body paragraph on 1 of the “factors” you choose

11 2 nd Body Paragraph Pull concrete details from 2 other sources that help defend your argument for the 2 nd factor (genetics) you chose. Discuss your beliefs and provide quotes for your support.

12 Wait… What About My Introduction? Now that you have your focus established for your body paragraphs you can revisit your introductory paragraph. Hints: Hook me right away! Discuss importance of topic/set up readers by introducing the sources you will discuss throughout your essay Leave me with your thesis statement and reasoning for the importance of your purpose for writing.

13 Conclusion Restated thesis statement: After analyzing multiple sources one might view the impact of genetics as well as family life to be pivotal factors in the development of character. Explanation of the importance of this conclusion. A final thought/call to action posed for your reader to ponder. (Your argument is serving a greater purpose here)

14 Citation Help Each body paragraph should include at least 2 in-text citations following your 2 pieces of evidence. If the author’s name is provided: Make believe concrete detail (Lastname). If you have no known author: Make believe concrete detail (“Article Title”).

15 Hints: USE THE PREWRITE SHEET as a MAP! Use our example thesis statement/restated thesis and modify to work for the 2 factors you choose! When you think you are done GO BACK and count the concrete details/citations to be sure you have a minimum of 2 per body paragraph! DO NOT use first person (singular) DO NOT use contractions Ask yourself- DID I ANSWER THE MAIN QUESTIONS POSED IN THE PROMPT?

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