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Free yourself from fear and attempt the impossible.

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1 Free yourself from fear and attempt the impossible.
Process Essay Free yourself from fear and attempt the impossible.

2 What Is a Process Analysis?
When a writer lists the steps involved in how to accomplish something, he is outlining a process. A process can be a series of actions, changes, steps, operations, or functions that achieve a particular end or result. A process essay focuses on the “how” rather than the “what.” If the audience is not well informed about the subject, the process will have to be detailed. If the audience is well informed, then the process will have more technical vocabulary and less detail. Some process essays provide information while others provide steps on how to do something. Whether the essay provides information or tells someone how to do something, the essay must follow a logical procedure. All items must follow an order, such as what you do first, second, and third.

3 How to Write a Process Analysis Paper
Step one: Choose an interesting and informative topic. There are a wide variety of topics dealing with an invention, a scientific process, a mechanical process, or a natural process. Examples: How was the universe formed? How did the American Civil War begin? How was penicillin invented? How is liquor made? How does one fix a carburetor? How can one make an enchilada?

4 Step two: 2. Divide the process into a few main steps and describe each step clearly, making sure that all essential technical terminology is defined. The pattern of a Process Analysis essay looks like this, with all steps arranged in proper order: Introduction Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Conclusion

5 Step three: Show the end result of the process.

6 Introduction 1. Lead-in: Introduce the topic in an interesting way.
2. Transition: Make a transition to the thesis statement. 3. Thesis Statement: Present thesis statement (your view of the process).

7 Body Paragraphs Body Paragraph 1
1. Topic Sentence: Present the first step. 2. Supporting Details: Present the details of this step, following the sequence of action. 3. Closing Remarks: Explain the function of this step. Body Paragraph 2 1. Topic Sentence: Present the second step. Body Paragraph 3 1. Topic Sentence: Present the third step. (more paragraphs if necessary)

8 Conclusion 1. Show the result of the process.
2. Restate the thesis statement. 3. Include interesting, humorous or inspiring closing remarks.

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