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EMTA European issues: PSO and Green Paper Progress report – April 2007 EMTA General meeting.

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1 EMTA European issues: PSO and Green Paper Progress report – April 2007 EMTA General meeting

2 Legislative process European Commission European Parliament 2 nd Reading 9May 07 European Council First Reading: October 2001 First Proposal: July 2000 Second Proposal: February 2002 No agreement Third Proposal: July 2005 Political Agreement: June 2006 Common position adopted by Council 11/12/06 TRAN proposition on amendments 27 /03/07

3 PSO REGULATION The Council reached on 9 June 2006, a political agreement on the Revised Proposal of the Commission The Common Position was adopted by the Council on 11 December 2006 and sent to the Parliament for a second reading. Transmission to EU Parliament which had 3 month plus 1 to express its position (April 2007) Amendments were proposed, Mr MEIJER made a report to TRAN Committee which voted on 27 mars its recommendations (40 /235 amendments) to Parliament for 2 nd reading (9 May 07)

4 PSO REGULATION Among Main points:  Amendment 3 concerning social protection &collective agreement concerning workplaces that miht interfer with the social dialogue  Amendment 27 on raising thresholds when direct award to small or medium size enterprises: considering up to 250 vehicles, 3 million annual value or 1 000 000 km many member countries flexible even if common position is maintained  Amendment 30 requests to separate activities by modes among the network when establishing he annual reporting on public services obligations  Amendment 35 : requires to shorten transitional period to 8 years (instead of 12) here common position is maintained but member countries say they are flexible  Amendment 40 implementation of regulation within 18 month instead of 3 years (many member countries flexible also)

5 Green Paper The mid term review of the White Paper in June 2006 identified urban transport as an area than can significantly contribute to achieve policy objectives in the field of climate change, competitiveness an social inclusion EC decided to elaborate a Green Paper to outline a new role for urban transport EC embarked on a large consultation of the stakeholders:  conference held on 31/01 2007 in Brussels “urban transport: problems, solutions, responsibilities” gathering all stakeholders in the urban transport area,  first workshop on Clean Energy and efficient vehicles took place during the Energy Week in Brussels 24-27/01/2007  The second workshop on Urban transport financing and the third workshop on intermodality and intelligent transport took place on 6 and 7 March 2007. EMTA presented examples of good practice.  A fourth workshop is planned on 15 May and a final conference is foreseen on 4 June 2007. Besides an EMTA position paper has been circulated and needs validation The Green Paper should be released by the Commission in the autumn 2007.

6 EURFORUM EURFORUM is a European Initiative for Urban mobility, within EC FP6.  create a forum, representing stakeholders of research on urban mobility, and representatives of local authorities, public transport associations operators, consumers...  provide recommendations for the co-ordination of European research, possibly a permanent body  led by UITP, EURFORUM gets funding from the EU Commission (FP 6 programme) and brings together ASSTRA, POLIS, ECTRI, CERTU, TU Dresden and EMTA (for "consensus building”)

7 EURFORUM 1 st stakeholder conference in Brussels 28/01/07 (CTM & RMV members)  State of the art presented 15 topics  A vision for urban mobility in 2020  Thanks to stakeholders inputs gaps have been identified Urban Transport Demand analysis –data collection Sustainable strategies in urban areas Urban transport supply side User aspects Economics and institutional constraints  EURFORUM will then develop a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) by 11/07 2 nd stakeholder conference in Brussels 28/06/07 (confirm members)

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