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America Land of the Free A Story of Americas Freedom and Independence.

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1 America Land of the Free A Story of Americas Freedom and Independence

2 Americanscountryfree nation United Statesfree country Americaland of the free As Americans, we live in a country that is free. Have you ever thought about how our nation began? Have you ever thought about why the United States is a free country? Click to read the story of how America became the land of the free.

3 new land Long ago, many people from England decided to travel by boat to a new land to settle. This new land belonged to England. King George III, the British King ruled both lands. New Land (wasnt named America yet.) England

4 territoryThirteen colonies Life was difficult, but the settlers worked hard and built a life in this new territory. Thirteen colonies were formed there. Though King George III lived far away, he was still the leader in England, as well as in the new colonies.

5 free country After awhile, some of the colonists talked and decided that they wanted to be a free country. They didnt want to be under the rule of Englands king anymore.

6 independent nation However, the people were divided. Some felt they needed to obey the English King, while others wanted to be an independent nation. Many settlers finally made important decisions for this territory.

7 Patriots independence Patriots freedom Everyone knew that England would want to keep ruling the new land, so many Patriots decided to fight for independence. That decision meant the Patriots would have to fight Englands huge army, but it was important for them to fight for freedom.

8 Revolutionary War1775 So the war began. It was called the Revolutionary War. It started in Many men fought and died in that war.

9 Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence1776 Independence HallPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania After the war began, a bright young patriot named Thomas Jefferson, sat and wrote the Declaration of Independence in June of After it was written, many men met at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to talk about this document.

10 Second Continental Congress approved Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 independence freedom. After a lot of discussion, the Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence on July 4, This document declared that the colonists wanted independence and freedom.

11 Revolutionary War 1783 Patriots America free nation After a long fight, the Revolutionary War ended in It was sad because many Patriots died in battle before they saw America become a free nation.

12 Patriots independentfree The territory free nation countryThe United States of America. At the same time is was exciting because the land that the Patriots fought for was finally independent and free from England. The territory became a free nation. The name given to the new country was The United States of America.

13 Constitution United States Constitution government September 17, 1787 George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Then the Constitution was written. The United States Constitution says how the government works. It was signed on September 17, Some of the men who signed it were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.

14 Patriots nation governmen Democracy The Patriots fighting for a new nation wanted to form a government that did not allow one person to have too much authority or control. They wanted the people to make decisions. Democracy is a part of our system because of that. United States PresidentRevolutionary War hero General George Washington The first United States President was Revolutionary War hero General George Washington.

15 ConstitutionAmericas ConstitutionPreamblePreamble We the People… The Constitution is a valuable part of Americas history. The first part of the Constitution is the called the Preamble. The Preamble begins with We the People… Click to the next slide to read it,

16 ConstitutionPreamble The first part of the Constitution is called the Preamble. It tells what our founding fathers set out to do W We the people In order to form a more perfect union, Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, Constitution USA Provide for the common defense, Promote the general welfare and Secure the blessings of liberty To ourselves and our posterity Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

17 Americasfreedom independence early settlers Patriots Declaration of Independence Constitution independence freedom Americas fight for freedom and independence was one fought hard by early settlers. That fight, loyal Patriots, documents like the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution is what brought independence and freedom to our country, but it wasnt an easy path.

18 country Americans, freedom Patriots ndependence freedom, United States citizens American Now it is your job to appreciate the long journey that this country traveled since its early days. As Americans, everyone should treasure that freedom each and every day. Like the Patriots who fought so hard for independence and freedom, all United States citizens should be Proud to be an American!

19 If you have internet connected, you can listen to the preamble. Click on the links below. Listen to the Words of the Preamble "School House Rock" Preamble Listen to the Words of the Preamble "School House Rock" Preamble To see the words of the Preamble, click here. To see the words of the Preamble, click here. Written and Created by Stacy BodinStacy Bodin

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