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Welcome to the Magical, Mystical World of Harry Potter!

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1 Welcome to the Magical, Mystical World of Harry Potter!

2 Muggle or Wizard? Muggle: not magical; common people Wizard: magical beings

3 Whoooo is all the fuss about? In the Harry Potter books, owls are used to deliver messages to other people, much like pigeons used to do in the Muggle world. I guess wizards dont have e-mail.

4 What I already know about owls….. KWL chart

5 There are many different types of owls in the world. Harry Potter lives in Britain, so you would think that owls would be British owls, but thats not the case.

6 Harry Potter Owls Four owls are mentioned in the books-three belong to three of the main characters. The fourth is just an owl that lives at the school. Hedwig- Snowy Owl Pidwidgeon- Elf Owl Hogwarts Owl- Barn Owl Malfoys Owl- Eagle Owl

7 On a Wild Owl Chase Other types of owls: Barn Western Screech Eastern Screech Barred Great Horned Snowy Spectacled Great Gray Madagascar Red Masked Northern Pygmy Elf Boreal Northern Saw-Whet Short Eared Long Eared Burrowing Spotted

8 More Owls: Tawny Eurasian Eagle Madagascar Scops Powerful Barking Boobook Lesser Sooty Northern Hawk Eurasian Pygmy Puerto Rican Screech Grass Rufous Bengal Eagle Little Sumba Hawk Sooty Laughing

9 There are 19 species of owls in North America, and more than 150 species worldwide.

10 What I would like to learn about Owls….

11 Animal Tales: Harry Potter Owls With the exposure that the movie is getting, there is a concern that some people think owning an owl is a good idea. It is not a good idea. In fact, it is illegal in the United States, but not in Britain.

12 In the movie, the owls deliver mail to the children at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Theyre good friends and appear tame, but in reality, they are wild animals that must fly miles each night and hunt for food and cannot be kept in cages.

13 In rural life, you cant keep an owl in a cage because they are birds of prey who fly for miles and hunt rabbits, rodents, or birds and eat them whole, and regurgitates pieces of bone and fur, so cleaning up after them isnt fun.

14 With movies today, it is difficult to know what is real and what isnt, considering they can use mechanical animals, computer- generated animals inserted in the film and even dead animals that have been preserved.

15 Owl Statements: Fact or Myth: You decide…. Owls are wise birds. Owls are not really smart. However, they are smart enough to find food, to nest and raise young. People think owls look wise because they look a little like people do, with eyes in front of their heads.

16 Owls can turn their heads all the the way around. Owls can rotate their heads three-quarters of the way around. The movement of their eyes from side to side and their quick- moving heads create an illusion of a complete turn.

17 Advice from owls is followed by other animals in the forest. Advice from owls are not really followed by other animals in the forest. Owls are not the wisest birds or animals in the forest.

18 Owls are nocturnal Some owls are nocturnal, meaning that they are able to see at night and do their hunting. However, not all owls are nocturnal. Owls see perfectly well during the day, and exceptionally well at night. By coming out at night they have the skies mostly to themselves.

19 Owls blink at passersby. A male owl might present food, such as a tasty mouse or cicada to a female owl in an act of courtship. He might also swivel and bow his head and wink one eye at her! However, they dont wink at people who pass by.

20 Owls have big skulls. Owls have very large skulls and heads.

21 Some owls have horns. Owls dont really have horns. The name comes from the existence of tufts of feathers on top of their heads that resemble horns.

22 Owls never blink. Owls do blink. They just go longer than people before they have to blink.

23 Adult owls eat small prey whole. Yes, if the prey is small enough, it is swallowed whole, otherwise the food is torn apart by the owls strong, hooked beak.

24 Owls build their own nests. Owls do not build their own nests. Instead, they use old hawk nests, natural cavities, buildings, or human-constructed boxes.

25 Owls cant move their eyes from right to left. This is true. They cant move their eyes from side to side. Owls eyes are fixed and cant turn. They turn their heads to see an object.

26 Owls are blink during the day. Owls are not blink during the day. They have excellent vision both during the day and the night. They usually hunt at night because they have the night skies to themselves.

27 Tufts of feathers on a horned owls are its ears. Ear tufts do nothing to improve hearing. They are simply for defensive purposes. Ear tufts help the owl appear larger to ward off predators.

28 Hearing an owl is a sign of bad luck. Owls dont bring bad luck. Because they can see in the dark, they were once believed to possess super-natural powers and some believe they bring bad luck. This is not the case.

29 Owl Research Fill in organizer. Report must include: Owl NameAppearance HabitatDiet RangeYoung Other facts

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