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By: Ms. McCallumore Ch. 3.1Ch. 4.1PopulationMISC. $100100$100100$100 $200200$200200$200 $300300$300300$300 $400400$400400$400 $500500$500500$500.

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Presentation on theme: "By: Ms. McCallumore Ch. 3.1Ch. 4.1PopulationMISC. $100100$100100$100 $200200$200200$200 $300300$300300$300 $400400$400400$400 $500500$500500$500."— Presentation transcript:


2 By: Ms. McCallumore

3 Ch. 3.1Ch. 4.1PopulationMISC. $100100$100100$100 $200200$200200$200 $300300$300300$300 $400400$400400$400 $500500$500500$500

4 $100 Abiotic & Biotic factors that limit the growth of a species are called:

5 $200 What is the major difference between primary and secondary succession?

6 $300 In primary succession, what are the pioneer species?

7 $400 The relatively stable collection of plants and animals that results from succession is called.

8 $500 Type of succession that can begin after a lava flow.

9 $100 If the global warming trend continues and permafrost under the tundra melts, what biome would you predict would replace it?

10 $200 If precipitation on a tropical savanna increased from centimeters per year, but the temperature remained the same, what biome would replace the savanna?

11 $300 Which two biomes have the least amount of percipitation?

12 $400 How would you classify a biome having broad-leaf evergreen trees, mosses, and orchids, C, and seasonal rainfall of less than 200 cm a year.

13 DailyDouble

14 $100 Which of the following is a density dependent factor: competition, deforestation, hurricanes, droughts

15 $200 On ten acres of forest there are 8 deer, seven coyotes, 45 armadillos, and 231 pine trees. Which has the highest population density?

16 $300 A flowering plant has seeds that are carried by the wind. What is the most likely dispersion pattern that the plants from these seeds will grow in?

17 $400 The movement of organisms into a given area is called:

18 $500 A rat that has a short life span and produces many offspring can be classified into which reproductive strategy?

19 $100 Which of the following has the highest population density? a.US b. Michigan c. New York City

20 $200 Under ideal conditions, what will usually happen to a population?

21 $300 Countries in stage 1 of demographic transition (like many African nations) have a ________ birthrate and a ________ deathrate

22 $400 In countries like Kenya and Afghanistan the human population is growing rapidly, which is this type of growth (J-shaped graph)

23 $500 What shape would a graph be of a species that reproduced for generations and had a limited supply of food water and predators.

24 $100 Which of the following is a density independent factor? a.Weatherb. Crowding c. Parasitism

25 $200 The average year-to-year conditions of temperature and precipitation in a particular region are referred to as the regions:

26 $300 If you have pet fish, but notice that they quit reproducing if the water in their tank becomes too hot or cold what is this an example of? (Hint- think of the steelhead trout picture)

27 MISC $400 Which area has the greatest diversity?

28 MISC $500 If natality is 12, mortality is 26. Immigration is 17, emigration is 3. What is the net effect on the population size?

29 Limiting Factors

30 Soil

31 What grows there first Ex. Lichens & Mosses

32 Climax Community

33 Primary Succession

34 Boreal Foreset

35 Tropical Seasonal Forest

36 Tundra, Desert

37 Tropical Seasonal Forest

38 Which animal would be found in the biome that has cold to moderate winters, warm summers, fertile soils, and is home to a variety of vegetation, such as coniferous trees, deciduous trees, flowering shrubs and ferns? DeerDeer LizardLizard Polar BearPolar Bear ZebraZebra

39 What is Deer

40 Competition

41 Pine Trees

42 Random

43 Immigration

44 r-strategy

45 C. New York City

46 It will grow rapidly

47 High, High

48 Exponentially

49 S-shaped, logistic growth

50 A. Weather

51 Climate

52 Zones of Tolerance

53 C

54 0

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